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  1. Tracy32


    Hi KAL, I'm I Louisville too! I can relate to what you said about Venice but, for me I felt that connection in Denver. I connected with so many people just walking down the street. Everyone felt so friendly and open, it was great!
  2. Tracy32

    Locked Out

    I've actually been trying to reconnect with my disconnect lately. I have no friends and have been trying to change that the last couple of months. My biggest hurdle seems to be staying connected and staying authentic. Lol, I kinda miss those elementary school days when 80% of my social circle had 90% of things in common with me and friendships were easy!
  3. Tracy32


    That's a gorgeous view! it's definitely been added to my bucket list trips.
  4. Tracy32

    Los Angeles Workshop 2020 - 1/2

    That last guy was so adorable! I can totally relate to having the fear of people, but wanting to be connected. I realized recently that I find social engagements so exhausting because I can be performative by pretending to be the witty social butterfly to the extreme or by being protective and subconsciously (and perhaps energetically) repelling people. It's like a cycle of reaching for literally anyone then being burned and repelling everyone. It's pretty frustrating to acknowledge.
  5. Tracy32

    Weaning Trauma

    I love Teal's child rearing advice, it's almost changed my mind about having kids. It's so validating for the child and frankly refreshing to know this information is out there for consumption. Has she written a book about it yet?
  6. Tracy32

    Online Workshop - Sep 20 2020

    I'd love to go to one of these workshops just to experience the energy in person! I love that even if I can't relate to a subject directly I can usually see the subject relating to someone else I know and that helps me understand them in a different way or opens the door to a conversation I may not have thought to initiate.
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