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  1. I feel exactly the same way. A lot of anxiety lately. I also feel like there is something horrible coming. I can often imagine different scenarios of how things go wrong (I generally imagine bad outcomes in life a lot) or I get some information about bad trends that can lead to something really bad from non-mainstream media that I've handpicked for myself. Sometimes I make some really bad potential predictions in conversations and my parents, for example, deny it straight away. They denied some predictions from me for years and many has come or are starting to come true. My friends are more likely to believe things that may go really bad (I have only a few of them, also carefully picked). I don't even want to talk about what's happening in the world with anyone else because I can see a lot of gaslight in the mainstream and how people live in different realities and believe some positive things that are no longer true (and it's not clear if they were ever true) and it makes me feel more and more antisocial. But I think I prefer being antisocial than believe lies and this is also my protection.
  2. I laughed when the card's meaning was announced because it literally describes my day today. I felt anxiety for almost the whole day about an issue I didn't know whether it was a big or a small issue but potentially a big issue I wasn't sure how to resolve. I decided to postpone the actions a bit and spent the majority of the evening creating calm: did shadow work and expressed my emotions in journaling, took a very cold bath (it actually creates calm, especially with the weather being super hot outside), fed myself a tasty soup and some chocolate, did self massage with a foam roller and just stretching. Actually became somewhat calmer and then saw the video about the card
  3. Yeah, looks like it's the Saw. My point, however, is not about people doing those kind of things to other people. It's about that the universe, when it turns the heat up and makes people suffer to see what they choose, seems to do something rather similar to humans. People often project a punishing father or a loving mother figure onto the universe. To me, however, it looks disturbingly similar to a bored psychopath.
  4. I feel like the universe is actually a psychopath. Or like a sadistic or psychopathic scientist who can put you on a surgical table and dissect you out of curiosity to see what's inside. It's like those scientists who breed a certain kind of mice that are best suited for certain kinds of experiments and then those mice may be put in a certain labyrinth or genetically modified or be injected with cancer cells. One of the comments here mentioned discovery as a goal of a universe. Well, the scientist also seeks discovery but the mice doesn't really enjoy it at all. And life of a mice doesn't really matter, the scientist considers that they were bred for this and it's their purpose. It seems that all the free will stuff is only about what lever you press with you little paw or what piece of cheese you find the fastest in a labyrinth. I find this analogy to be closer to how things work than a more pleasant one about video games or the movie theater. I guess I rather hate the universe. Also there is some rather famous horror film, I don't remember the name, where a psychopath in a creepy mask locks people in rooms and forces them to make some horrible choices, like whether they cut of their hand or watch someone they love die. And the universe seems to do the same. I only don't get it that technically the universe has people as part of itself and so there would be at least something like love or at least some positive influence but if it does psychopathic things to people I'm not sure it makes any difference in this context. This is probably a rather good answer to a question why there is so much suffering in the world as well. Also Teal said in many videos that souls want to come down this earth because all the movement and excitement is there. But the same can be said about someone who decides to play a video game where they have to escape from a murderer or deal with evil ghosts. The person playing is definitely excited and entertained but the situations in the game are still horrible and no one would want to be there in real life.
  5. Anastasia The Fox


    I carry my own torch because otherwise no one will carry it for me. And the last thing I want is to carry someone else's torch. I'm also a kind of person who could use this torch as a weapon on occasion. Angry at people and society
  6. Anastasia The Fox


    cynicism and bitterness, skepticism, sarcasm, humor, rationalizing and intellectualizing things, physically isolating myself from people, trying to do things perfectly or be perfect in some scenarios, avoiding responsibility and commitment, eating not very healthy food and self-distraction, changing topics, coming up with excuses, postponing things and procrastinating, telling myself how people suck, withholding information about myself or affection, not showing emotions, pretending like everything is fine
  7. Picking only one city is so hard. In the end Valencia has topped my list. I adore Spain and I visited it several times but never been to this city. It has everything I could dream of for a weekend. Other close candidates where I've never been to are Edinburgh and Toledo. Among the cities that I've been to Prague is the best as well. But my FOMO and desire for novelty make me pick an unfamiliar city This question inspired me to look at pics of beautiful cities that I've visited and that I've never been to and awakened longing for travel.
  8. Somehow I couldn't imagine the Universe preferring planning. It's likely my projection where a lot of spirituality seems to be more about being in the flow and acting spontaneously. And the whole past year seems to be about chaos and the unexpected. So there is some relief that this doesn't have to be case all the time and there is even special planning energy
  9. I'd like to hear more about foods, specific illnesses and body organs, current world/countries situation and tips both from energetic and physical practical perspectives, romantic relationships and their manifestation. I also have a few specific health-related questions: what are your thoughts on keto diet and it's upsides and downsides? are lectins so harmful that should be eliminated for life or is there any sense in trying to build some kind of lectin tolerance with time? I heard a well-based opinion that since fruits contain fructose they should be eaten only in summer and then the body should detox from it but they also seem to contain so much healthy stuff so is it really worth it to be strict around eating them? what are your thoughts on red light therapy and people buying red leds panels for home? it's been proven to be beneficial in certain studies but when it comes to specific applications like daily at home usage like treating hair-loss, building collagen, treating rosacea there is still a lot of controversy and it's not clear if it's effective enough. I'm also interested in everything around female hair-loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia. I saw a case discussed and tips in one of the workshops but a separate video with the whole picture and maybe even more ways to tackle in would be nice.
  10. My Christmas tradition is to reinvent Christmas traditions every year During the recent years I moved countries, my Christmas changed dates from the Orthodox calendar to the proper 25th of Dec (I think this is a "proper date" because it has pagan roots unlike the previous one with was moved for political reasons). During my life I had Christmas with my family and completely alone. I lived in a city where there was not much to do and that was ugly and then in cities where there was better holiday illumination and cozy Christmas markets and this year there is a lockdown and not much to do and see. And I started with having an attitude to Christmas as a religious holiday when I despised everything religious, then after learning more about the roots of the holiday and also accepting that I really like the atmosphere that it creates I relaxed about this. So the only traditions that hold well in those circumstances are the most basic ones like decorating the apartment at least in a minimalist manner without a tree, lately a prefer nice lights and some small tree branches. And I try to eat something special and tasty. Usually I try to eat healthy and avoid sugar and gluten and stuff like that but at the beginning of Dec I become like a packman that devours a lot of what I'm not supposed to be eating during the other months. I also like to eat seafood because I don't eat it enough during the year and I try to catch up. Watching something with a holiday mood also fits into a tradition. The rest is constantly changing, I come up with "traditions" spontaneously.
  11. I don't even live in US but do have a hell lot of anxiety today about some potential actions and outcomes from US and not only from elections that then will influence the rest of the world including me.
  12. I like the first part about how we are not that vulnerable as we think we are. I've spent the last couple of days worrying as hell about the state of the world and all the uncertainties in my life. But also worked on responsibility and realized how I've been running away from it even in one simple choice and one of the reasons apart from trauma was to expect getting all the things right in life and especially during the pandemic. I hope letting myself of the hook is that approval and immunity that changes things to the better

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