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  1. Florian89


    Being independent. Travelling. Being outside in nature. Doing Philosophy with a friend. Teaching. Buying stuff that improves my life & has style. Being involved in a community of people (like Teals or like university). Doing sport. Having Barbeque. Playing Magic-Cards (Magic the Gathering). Going out for lunch. Having a walk. Learning. Speaking english. Having a hot bath. Cooking. Going to the Zoo. Swimming, especially outdoors. Feeling "at home". Being apprechiated.
  2. Florian89


    I had enough failure. I quit.
  3. Florian89


  4. Florian89


    What's that?
  5. Florian89


    What risk am I taking right now The risk of carring a burden. and what risk am I not taking right now The risk of being open about a mistake I made years ago (a literal mistake, not a moral wrongdoing). Also the risk of overwhelming myself by making a diffult situation even more difficult. and why? Maybe I'm scared of the consequences. But more spefically I'm scared of feeling guilty and will be ashamed and on my own in that misery.
  6. Florian89


    It's a really common name in germany. When I was born, it was even in the Top 10 of male german names. Wikipedia: "Florian (or a local equivalent) remains a common name in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland."
  7. Florian89


    There is no such thing as destiny.
  8. Florian89


    That Teal taught me, to normalize evil.
  9. Florian89


    Wtf? No. Why that? I'm german.
  10. Florian89


    You are not responsible. You are the victim.
  11. Florian89


    Dude, you are BLAMING YOURSELF for having a justified moral outrage about your sick parents. You are solid. You are out of control here, because THEY ARE IN FACT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT MESS.
  12. Florian89


    Feeling as if I were useless, having not partner
  13. Florian89


    For my mother to love me (what a stupid idea in retrospective).
  14. Florian89


    Being seen

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