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    How about setting an alarm (or some other reminder) that would tell you one or more (whatever feels comfortable) times during the day to just drop everything and get some quiet time? You don't even have to do it when you are reminded. In either case it would help you with getting used to remembering to think about having a quiet time once in a while.
  2. This is a really great tip! Thanks for sharing. Funny thing, some time ago I also "came up" with a very similar technique for being present with my emotions, which was not easy for me because of the "hyperactive mind"/"racing thoughts". But when I focus on watching my past self one or two seconds ago it's like being with myself unconditionally almost in real time! It works for me
  3. Yury Milovidov

    I've got a cat before I went vegan. Now I feed him organic cat food made of chickens and lambs, because I want him to be healthy and happy. Making this decision sucked big time because I literally had to choose between suffering of one animal that is my pet and hundreds (if not thousands) of other animals that I would never meet in person. It's tough. But it's my own choice and I stand by it. It's also a great reminder of the real price of having a carnivorous pet. Plus, all these controversial thoughts related to the subject make a really good tool for shadow work.
  4. Yury Milovidov

    I roughly estimate it to be about 100 times the image height Thank you! Thanks! I have a little gallery on deviantart: https://yurymilovidov.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/ there are a couple of similar style drawings there.
  5. Yury Milovidov

    I think art is an ability to conduct emotions via something that can be perceived by the 5 basic senses (like images or sounds). Being able to draw well is just a tool of a visual artist. A very important tool - no doubt about it - but it's not what makes art art. For example technical drawings (blueprints and such) require very well developed skills, but they conduct mostly information and thus generally are not considered art. On the contrary, some people can intuitively do amazing things with very limited tools - that's what "raw talent" is. A badly tuned tool (=undeveloped skill) might be responsible for failure to conduct the feelings and emotions that authors intended to conduct. And that's a very good reason to work on your skills, sharpen your tools so to say. I hope it makes sense
  6. Yury Milovidov

    I used the official Teal Swan logo to create my "signature" kind of art. The whole drawing is one continuous uninterrupted line.
  7. Yury Milovidov

    San Jose I'm going to be stuck in San Jose all day on a Sunday. Any suggestions on how can I kill some time there? Also, are there any good organic and vegan restaurants in the area? Any advice is welcome.
  8. Yury Milovidov

    I do.
  9. Yury Milovidov

    If you don't have a 12-sided die at hand, you can replace it with two regular 6-sided dice. One of them is rolled as a regular die (giving you a result of 1 to 6) and the other one is a "control" die: if it rolls an even number you add 6 to the first die roll, otherwise use the first die roll result as is. Naturally, it's easier when the two dice are different color (or size). Actually, you can do it even with one 6-sided die rolling it twice. As far as I understand, this method gives the same probability of each result as a 12-sided die. To be clear I'm going to put it like this: odd + 1 = 1 odd + 2 = 2 odd + 3 = 3 odd + 4 = 4 odd + 5 = 5 odd + 6 = 6 even + 1 = 7 even + 2 = 8 even + 3 = 9 even + 4 = 10 even + 5 = 11 even + 6 = 12 I have no idea how obvious or useful it is but I'll leave it here just in case.