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  1. vixyj

    San Diego Workshop 2016

    I wish these guys were my friends!
  2. vixyj


    Going through heartbreak, the pain of relationships. This was an eye opener for me, cos I avoid relationships, don’t want them, turn off to them, surprised me that this came to me first. When I think about it I’ve learnt the most about myself from this kind of pain. And that’s been the rose.
  3. vixyj


    Masculinity. Being independent, responsible and fine. Get lost in the masculine and switch off.
  4. Reaching out to the last girl in the video: I live in London, and trained in Somatic Trauma work (which can do through zoom and can incorporate aspects of parts work within it) and homeopathy. I’d like to help! Please reach out! I’m a friendly person to know in London :). Email me at x

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