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  1. Han

    It is good to have a divorce. The only way teal's marriage will work is when the husband is a follower. If you look at many mystics, they are alone. It is impossible to be compatible on many levels unless each other is willing to give in on certain issues.
  2. Han

    Didn't you have some pre-made food the night before? Just heat up the food for breakfast and lunch since you have an interview. About the son spilling the drink and dog pee, just get one cloth each, one for the drink and one for the pee. Put the cloth there and you can get on with preparing the interview. Ask your son to just prepare himself for school. At this age, he should know how to clean up the mess already.
  3. Han

    No, there is no cruelty for an alignment 24/7. We have cultivating towards that. Even the ability to admit failure is alignment. To be in your nature is alignment and cultivation towards goodness in your own way is true alignment. Zhuang zi teachings
  4. Han

    I am throughly amused by your dream. If you put it as a comedy, ppl will surely laugh. So funny. By the way, it is normal tt ppl has high expectations of you because they have seen your workshop videos and ppl definitely want to have their targets met, and you are their last hope. Hence, it is important to help ppl release their desperations in order to lighten the mood of the workshop.
  5. Han

    There is one reason why ppl find it hard to live in this world. A malfunctioning spine. There is a spiritual reason why things are as such, why we have to align with the world. If you have difficulty doing that, then you have to look for a solution. It is not your fault or the universe's fault. Your job is to find the method so tt you can do your job here.
  6. Han

    A spiritual teacher who saw your work felt that you have expanded too fast. Practitioners and teachers of your work should have a substainable amount of experience in your work and knowledge of how hate group works. With this, they will know what to do. Even lord buddha knew the importance of preparatory and boundary setting. He gave guidelines to disciples the dos and don'ts. He trained them for a period of time before going to the next level.
  7. Han

    What teal is saying is tt trump's ascension to presidency is the mirror to ppl's suffering and their wish for a quick fix. They think tt even though trump is an asshole, so long he understands my wishes, he will fulfill it. This is poor judgement and desperation. The other cause of ppl's suffering is because the republicians are controlling the house, so obama has difficulty in getting things done. The following is a case study of trump's destruction in scotland: www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/donald-trump-builds-a-wall-in-scotland-sends-residents-the-bill?xtor=CS1-10
  8. Han

    In this case, the soil must have crystal like energy. Two years ago in rural thailand, i have made physical contact with the soil to understand it's vibration. I believe tt the energy frequency of soil in this place must be very much higher.
  9. Han

    When you are unable/do not know how to accept your feelings, you turn to think that something is wrong with your feelings. I cannot help but feel very sad about this.
  10. Han

    It is common for spiritual teachers to face resistance, as their growth automatically touches the wounds of others. This cannot be helped. Examples includes Lord Buddha and Jesus. By using them as a model, Teal will know that she is not the only one. She will have models to fall back upon. She will see that she is walking the path she is meant to be. On the other hand, concerning the issue of faith: this is the first step of many religious or spiritual seekers. When they encounter difficulties that faith alone is insufficient, they will be guided to the next step. I can say tt because I have walked this path before.
  11. Well said Teal. I support your work. As a person with an underlying knowledge in psychology(self learnt) prior to meeting your teachings, i have a certain understanding of you being a wounded healer. When a person goes into a wounded state, they do not know it. Teal through her blog do show her wounds and the possible patterns. I have read a bit of her enemies' entries. I was initially a bit shaken too. But using presence, I centred myself and then used reasoning. My senses started to link: " Her blogs told me about her wounding pattern(which could led to this this this). So whatever her enemies said about her can be linked to her wounding pattern." Once understood, you will accept Teal more. It is important for Teal to help ppl understand how her system works, so tt ppl can think about it and see if it works for them.
  12. Han

    Yes, i agree. I do experience times where i tripped because of a hole of negative experience. But later on, i found that the hole contains a jewel box.
  13. Han

    I live in singapore and 40% are immigrants. Overcrowding created issues that ppl are not happy about. For Britain, I could understand how some ppl feel. It's ok to have immigrants coming but when it's too fast, the infrastructure and culture of the british will be negatively affected. Being independent allows a more regulated flow. I am sure britain will be able to adjust to the change. By the way, do you know this? https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215
  14. Han

    The taoist has been talking about authenticity for a very long time. Read zhuang zi. He explained the concept very clearly- Do what is natural to you-This is Dao. Barbara Brennan took it to the next step: Do what is (both) authentic and appropriate.
  15. Han

    Why should the intruder not be allowed to experience pain? Why should only Teal experience pain and conflict? Is that fair?