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  1. spirit_84

    I have tried both.. But I don't see any difference.. I am in a good shape.. Sometimes being vegan causes your body more pain than normal diet.. I tried vegan, raw and I returned to normal diet again.. I don't see much difference for myself.. it's just something you do for other beings, if you decide not to eat meat, it's ok but it's not for you.. just a decision you make for animals.. and hope there is no need to kill just for food, because there are other ways and you can eat and live using other kind of food..
  2. I can do this. It's something I learnt before. I can have a session with you if you wish and then you can tell me the experience. I just go through all chakras. It's kind of vibrations or electric and usually - the person you focus on feels tired becouse there is some process behind it.. I think that each person may feel it diferently. It may also trigger automatically, whenewer it's needed to people who are around you (you know it happends because you feel the vibrations come from your palms)..
  3. spirit_84

    Interesting point, thank you 😉
  4. spirit_84

    It doesn't matter what you eat (not telling you should eat extremely unhealy food). Cancer have a root in our thinking or there is a deeper reason it happens but it's more related to your energy than food you eat.
  5. spirit_84

    No worries about that. It doesn't affect you so much as we usually think it does, you can drink both Do you know what happens when you drink coffee and what happens if you drink tea? How do you feel after - you know that what matters is your own honest answer. I prefer coffee but I drunk some tea as well (e.g: green tea). Another question can be - should I add some sugar or milk? I think that you can drink it, if you don't really overdose yourself than it's rather a belief that may cause you some harm. Not the tea/coffee itself, just my opinion.. 😉
  6. spirit_84

    Healthy relation may vary with billlion different combinations and situations. They happen for some reasons. The important thing is how you think. It's also about your "needs". So I would say that healty relationship is any relationship where you respect other person and when you feel happy. But it's a process, not an ultimate goal and you can say that any relation is healthy in the way of right direction. You are making the choices and the relationship is implication. When you say "healthy", it's about a balance and it will probably keep people together naturaly.
  7. spirit_84

    What does it mean negative? The person behaves a certain way, she have a "need" or there is a reason it triggers you. I know that everyone feels better with "positive" people, however the negativity itself doesn't harm you. It's your own consciouness that judge it as negative and not acceptable. I could simply compare it to weights - even man that liberately go to the fitness centre can feel some pain when raising weight, however he knows, it's the way it works, accept it and gets stronger in the end. It's a bit different example but you are confronted to someone for some reason (it's your subconscious mind or higher mind that takes a lesson so you can move forward). Again, the negativity itself is not bad, it happens and you need to respect this person first (you mentioned that she doesn't like you are smiling so she is in the same situation how she perceive another person - you and it may not be easy for her either). So now, from your own perspective - it's always you that can change it, don't try to change her. It just happens. That's the first point, the acceptance. At least let her be as someone who prefers this way now (for some reason). You can understand some situation of that woman that made her to behave like this. What you can do - you can talk to her about it honestly and see how she reacts, if she really wants to be negative or not (I know this one is taught and you probably prefer not to talk, it's fine). You can also observe the situations that make her negative. The best way would be to track your own belives or subconscious mind. You may like positive people and become one because you could have a situation in the past and didn't accept some kind of negative expression or emotion. You might have some painfull memory that is connected to this behavior. Or you feel that it's your fault or responsibility when you see someone who is negative because you are the only one who sits close by (and this is actually something that affects you or weakens your power). It's important to realize how or why exactly you don't like it or you can train the situation - vizualize someone negative or her, confront to it/repeatedly - until you realize that it's just another aspect/something/expression and you have nothing to worry about. You or your body can react in a different way then. Once understood or accpeted, people just dissapear from your life, you won't see them.
  8. spirit_84

    Procrastination Hi, I would like to ask you abot this topic. Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished, some of you probably know.. My question is, whether you managed to overcame this or if you have some insights what could be a root cause of doing this. I know that there are some books but they mostly describe ways to make a hobit or train myself to deal with that. Maybe, it works as well however I think that there are some deeper fears or something that may cause this and that's what I would like to examine. Do you have some experience with that? Any story, personal insight, etc.. Theory could inspire me as well as (even better) real world example or experience. Thank you.