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    For the community! I think it would be great to have access to the forums/chat through an app. I think it would improve our ability to be active in the forums. I'm not often at my desktop, but I usually have my phone or tablet with me. And if you were able to incorporate push notifications, people would be drawn back to engaging in group discussion much more easily. You could even load Teal's YouTube videos and blog posts onto an app if you wanted to. It would be great if we could develop an app similar to those you see available for Reddit, which is another forum. They make it easy to use your mobile device to scroll through forum topics, search, and post/reply to others. There's also a greater chance of building exposure for Teal and her community through the android/apple stores which recommend apps to users based on similar interests.
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    We need an app! Is there an app in the works? It would make it a lot easier to connect more often!
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    Both! What we currently perceive in this physical life (and often even after it) is from the perspective of a single point of consciousness, or 'soul.' When we expand our awareness though, we can see how the soul that we are is really part of something much bigger... 'source.' Think of it as though an iceberg were becoming self-aware. Imagine there are two peaks of the same iceberg protruding from the ocean. Upon first becoming aware, they might notice themselves only as they appear above the water. They would be different from one another in appearance, and it would be easy and rational to assume then, that all they are is what they are able to perceive in that moment. That they are completely different beings. But upon further investigation, as they dig deeper into the truth of who they really are, both icebergs would come to find that most of who they are is hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. And that they are, in fact, the same exact entity. They don't stop being separate points of consciousness, but if you're able to expand your mind enough, you're able to see from the perspective of the WHOLE iceberg, above and below. That's the perspective of source consciousness Hopefully, that didn't get too convoluted... lol.
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    This resonates with my beliefs. If you read the book "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton, it explains his discoveries in more detail. The author was an experienced hypnotherapist who would take his patients back through the time between lives, where our soul is back in the astral realm. The book is compiled of cases that he feels represent the most common patterns that souls encounter during reincarnation. In doing so, it is determined that the time we spend between lives is incredibly structured and organized. This includes our level of spiritual advancement or progression. When souls stop reincarnating because they've already learned most of the lessons to be gained through physical reality, they could spend time elsewhere in the astral realm, incarnated into other beings, or act as guides/teachers, eventually reaching the point of the ascended masters. Hope that helps!
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    Ooh awesome! Nice to meet you, I'm Sam
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    I think it's about 40-45 minutes in
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    I'm going to have to watch this too, looks awesome If you go to YouTube and search "Teal Swan Aliens," the first few results might be interesting to you. She did a few interviews with Gabriel Kundalini on YouTube discussing Aliens in different capacities. Might help you wrap your head around some of it
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    Hah! I love this update lol Congratulations!
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    For some reason, that last post wouldn't let me type anything, and I couldn't erase anything either ^ lol. Anywhoo, thanks for the link, @boxofrain! I laughed so hard - and that's a very interesting way to receive intuition! @Collide, you too
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    To add onto the topic of pre-birth intention, I always thought of babies and young children passing away or becoming seriously ill as part of a soul contract. If I want to experience life having lost a small child, someone from my soul family would agree to come into this physical world and act as the child. This would serve their own expansion in some way as well.
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    I don't know if scared is the right word, but my heart usually skips a beat and I have a moment of 'what the effskies?!'
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    Today I'm grateful for pajamas all day!