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  1. Emre


    Feeling of stress and pain..
  2. Emre


    I am allowing myself to be dysfunctional in a way I can rest and stay with my integration process ..
  3. Emre


    my mom and dad, and aunt
  4. Emre

    Useless Talent

    I can make Sad Trombone Wah Wah Wah Fail Sound with my mouth so easily. It did make others find it interested but that's about it!
  5. Emre


    Future , where I am going to make a living ..
  6. Emre


    That I need to move on to a major change or not ?!
  7. Happy birthday Teal Looking so happy
  8. Emre


  9. Emre


    I have recently made the meaning about myself is “as I am completely ignored& disregarded by the society” in where I am living in my lonely hood here in China. For the last couple of weeks I even deeply started to feel this way more and more until I watched Teal’s how to own people video besides that I was also aware of “parts work”. ( I am getting more aware of it as I am writing here ;)
  10. Emre


    I envy this one guy whom committed and finished his project as an entrepreneur as I feel lost my commitment to growing my own which business make me feel unsuccessful
  11. Emre

    Change Your Name?

    My Turkish name is Emre and last name is Ozkose, so I blended them and made a shortcut, now I got my stage called Emz
  12. Emre

    Afraid Of The Future

    My worry was being isolated and being alone and not be able to play music for full time , and all of them are already happening. But my actions are about to change them all ! I believe!
  13. Emre

    Childhood Story

    Well, you may laugh on that but I am going with He-man and Masters of the Universe. Just today I re-watched found an episode to recall some memories,I guess I haven't seen this episode before but I I am kind of fascinated that the main character did not try to destroy his shadow aspect (which in this scenario 'Skeletor' ) and the war did end up with two sides hurting each other, the end message was about compassion and one of the characters 'MAN-AT-ARMS' was saying ''single act of compassion, compassion means caring for others wanting to help them fighting is often not the way to settle a problem it may prove who is stronger but it doesn't prove who is right and remember sometimes it takes more courage not to fight''.
  14. Emre

    Teal's Current Shadow Work

    I wish I had a chance to go to Los Angeles. I had a dream about Teal last night, she was singing in a sort of a video clip some kind of pop tune. Her vocal range was so good! I know might be off topic here, I just wanted to share
  15. Emre

    Grateful For

    Grateful for music

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