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  1. michael scordato

    Is this a good time to say what you need......or express feelings..😔
  2. michael scordato

    Hopefully this process can be the template for healing the human species.
  3. michael scordato

    Maybe one of the reasons you were drawn to the vibration of isolation was your new book, which I am looking forward to.
  4. Video stops running at 7:14 on my laptop. ? edit... Works ok now!
  5. michael scordato

    I believe that all the Completion Process Certified Practitioners are doing some of the more important work on the planet. I cannot say that one is better than another. They are like herbs whose flavors have various healing qualities. It is up to the seeker to find the CPCP that helps the most, through the seeker's sincere intention. I am a broken Spirit who has come to spirituality to find connection and just the fact that I can write a review of Julia's sessions is testament to her ability to tolerate my stumbling toward healing. She never pushed me past a step that I was not ready to take and I believe the phrase 'intuitive empathy' applies to her method.
  6. michael scordato

    I would like to participate if it involves an online connection to the holiday.
  7. michael scordato

    Teal is enjoying life as much as she can while on a working tour and lately I can relate to this because I also essentially had very little childhood and I am seeking comfort at the spiritual plateau where I am at now. I'm aware that I have many shadows that I am seriously bypassing to indulge my relatively comfortable zone. When the shadow-parts-inner child work is ready to be healed then I'm sure it will come up. I imagine Teal is aware that she has shadows and will do that work when it needs to be done and maybe even blog about it. I personally think it is important to the collective consciousness that her shadow work evolves.
  8. michael scordato

    For some reason that I don't understand, critics of your work look at your personal life as a way of determining if they believe your teachings. Did they run a backround check on their college professors or have a private investigator look into the personal life of their pastor? I believe your teachings stand on their own merits because of intuition, which is my only true guide. Thank you for your work.
  9. michael scordato

    Can I be Winterized?
  10. michael scordato

    Another beautifully written blog. I cannot imagine why Facebook did not allow this. You are a surf rider of words and wind talker of prophesy and a disciplined artist of grounded truth.
  11. michael scordato

    Had a dream where you were concerned about my health. I hope you are well.
  12. michael scordato

    Do people who are angry with you, feel rejected by you when you are indifferent to their efforts to contact you, and then they see you on a pleasant trip?
  13. michael scordato

    AMAZING blog. It seems like connections and friendships are exposing childhoods that people are desperate to keep hidden.
  14. michael scordato

    I wish I could understand how this fits with accepting the reality of my isolation.
  15. michael scordato

    I look forward to a day when people can feel safe expressing where they are at emotionally. Love this blog, thank you.