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  1. You're Not Going To Get It Right

    I look forward to a day when people can feel safe expressing where they are at emotionally. Love this blog, thank you.
  2. Mirror Image

    Hi Teal, I always look forward to your blogs. They are so insightful and original. Thank you for being so generous with them. I found out about you 3 1/2 years ago and my quality of life has greatly improved. When I have a bad day, it gives me comfort to look at your videos.
  3. The Blue Whale

    Is shame possibly an emotion that is separate from fear and sadness? I am glad you wrote about power, could you expand on this...
  4. The Current

    It is so nice to see such a beautiful expansion in you personally. The last 2 or 3 weeks of videos and blogs show that you find your unique ways of solving problems. The 'rules' that apply to average people don't apply to you. Blessings.
  5. Ayahuasca

    Do you feel that God-Source went through this same journey to discover a connection with Him-Her self, and now people like yourself will teach it to those who are willing...
  6. Forecast for 2017

    As long as the old system of control, pollution, disease, extraction, hatred and war are wiped clean from my blue and green pearl mother earth; then I want to own my part in the collective desire for these changes.
  7. San Diego, California

    Beautiful writing, so clear, imaginative and original. Enjoy your time to recharge artistically.
  8. The Rat Cage

    I'm wondering if Trump supporters are intent on not facing their shadows to the point that they would need everyone to be controlled by the Trump supporters, so they won't be triggered by anyone.
  9. Dublin, Ireland

    I was born and raised in the USA but it's starting to feel foreign to me. This description of Ireland has awakened a desire to feel more connected to the 3/8's of my ancestry that is Irish.
  10. Love To Hate Quote

    I must only have given conditional love in the past because I feel rejected by someone that I love and I don't have a clue what the other person's perspective is. Maybe she is mirroring to me.
  11. The Completion Process vs. The Presence Process

    I like Michael Brown and other spiritual teachers who emphasize the importance of the emotions. I just happen to resonate with your teachings the most. I have no way of understanding how knowledge from the 5000 year old Vedas could be stolen. Who could own them? My best wishes to you Teal.
  12. Settled Silence

    Thank you Teal. I always look forward to your blogs. Namaste.
  13. Down The Laproscope

    Of course I want you to feel well enough to do the workshop. PLEASE take any healing herb and my prayers that may help, but also take it so, so easy in Portland.....with love to you, Mike
  14. Divine Heaviness

    Sounds a lot like my childhood and I am so glad you can describe it and heal it in the open here.
  15. The White Of The Lace

    Truly wishing you happiness and love.