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  1. Mainstream culture's idea of sports, teaches children to associate their own happiness with winning a game and making other kids unhappy on the losing team. Public school teaches children to memorize instead of think with their own creativity. I wish I could know if war would be so accepted in modern society without children learning to associate their happiness with memorized social values and making other children lose at sports.
  2. Hi Teal, Just wanted to say I'm sorry for your troubles and if I could do anything to help, I would. Peace and love, Mike
  3. If someday you want to talk about your method that you use to process a traumatic experience like conflict with authorities then I would support you making a video about that. It seems, all over the world, that conflict addicts need to prove loyalty to their friends by hurting someone's feelings.
  4. Hopefully this process can be the template for healing the human species.
  5. Maybe one of the reasons you were drawn to the vibration of isolation was your new book, which I am looking forward to.
  6. Glenn Jones

    Gucci Guru

    Haters may need enemies so that they can keep their friends and family united. Nothing binds relationships like having a common enemy. If all their threats disappeared tomorrow then my guess is that within a month they would be bickering and making enemies with each other.
  7. Glenn Jones


    Could there be a way of turning around the multi-sensory programing you endured as a child into positive learning methods for spiritual lessons... I would like to try it.
  8. Video stops running at 7:14 on my laptop. ? edit... Works ok now!
  9. Glenn Jones

    Reflecting Back

    Prioritizing connection is making the rounds - round the world.
  10. I would like to participate if it involves an online connection to the holiday.
  11. Teal is enjoying life as much as she can while on a working tour and lately I can relate to this because I also essentially had very little childhood and I am seeking comfort at the spiritual plateau where I am at now. I'm aware that I have many shadows that I am seriously bypassing to indulge my relatively comfortable zone. When the shadow-parts-inner child work is ready to be healed then I'm sure it will come up. I imagine Teal is aware that she has shadows and will do that work when it needs to be done and maybe even blog about it. I personally think it is important to the collective consciousness that her shadow work evolves.
  12. For some reason that I don't understand, critics of your work look at your personal life as a way of determining if they believe your teachings. Did they run a backround check on their college professors or have a private investigator look into the personal life of their pastor? I believe your teachings stand on their own merits because of intuition, which is my only true guide. Thank you for your work.
  13. Another beautifully written blog. I cannot imagine why Facebook did not allow this. You are a surf rider of words and wind talker of prophesy and a disciplined artist of grounded truth.
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