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  1. keen insight about haters, Teal, sad as it is. To me, the guidepost needed in this world is 'is this kind and respectful?", If it's not, don't do it. Period. It then forces one to deal with what is driving their fight/flight brain to be unkind. I feel belonging with you and with Teal Tribe.
  2. Nice I'm with you on a world where all people are free to live
  3. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. You're a good egg. Starting a new business is a massive undertaking. You're one who treads where angels fear to tread. I'm with you and fully support you, dear.
  4. I love you, Teal. Thank you for being so real, as awlways. BIG THANK YOU. I'm sorry for the hell you have been through. Hugs and love

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