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  1. Arayana

    Beauty Products

    Going to look for the Rose Water. Teal check out LivingLibations if you will. My hunch is you just might like it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Arayana

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    2 issues...close to my heart. Ty Teal.
  3. Going thru this now with a friend. tysm
  4. Arayana

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Yes, of course would like to see what you have to say regarding the media, especially at this time in our history in the making. Pyrite has always been a fav. That combined with azurite are my loves indeed.
  5. Greater understanding for the process with respect .... tyvm
  6. Arayana

    Dinner By Teal

    Obsessed! Been thinking about making a quick fab snack in morn with my organic coffee. Been getting the toffee biscotti from WF. But it is time to do W/O that kind of sugar intake...but they are so good. Maybe a date coconut combo in food processor? Everything looks enticing there Teal. Thanks for sharing. God bless. ? PS and btw: Best album of all time...good feelings
  7. Arayana

    Past Life Trauma

    Now I am wondering why I keep moving on. Love the concept in its totality. Enjoying making my own decisions on whats happening around me. Enjoy listening to others inputs, as with you Teal. ???TY
  8. Arayana

    Narcissistic Service

    Let them think that for it is okay for them. As individuals we have the right to feel what we know to be true for us. I know in my heart that it is ok to take care of me, whether they think it narscasistic or not. I do feel it is my responsibility though to go thru my connections in life with kindness and respect. And I am learning how to handle those who do not see me in resonation. Hmmm, thanks for diving deep Teal. ??
  9. Arayana

    Maui & The Gaia Vortex

    Been there when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was easy to feel what you talk about here in more ways than one.
  10. Arayana

    Resistance Demo

    So we are here to just experience it all. If so just take it in and move thru based on the knowledge gained. Hmmm. I can live with that.
  11. Arayana

    Why Do You Vacation?

    I am on a perm. Vacay now. But, while working full time for so long, I did go on “vacation” but it was to discover new places with grps I resonated with, and still do to an extent. In very early life my family went on vacation, to experience life in a different environment each summer, which from what I remember was fun and a good thing to look back on.. I guess we really are here to discover new stuff we desire.
  12. Arayana

    Teal's Safe Space

    Natures gift.
  13. Arayana

    Pelicans In The Moonlight

    I agree. Ione is one of my favs too. So glad you got a chance to be there and experience the food and healing powers of that little gem. Enjoy your journey beloved.
  14. Arayana

    Tidying Up

    Have a bag of clothing ready to be given away as a result of watching it myself. Got good feelings from her also.
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