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  1. Arayana

    Herb Bath

  2. Arayana


    Learn so much just by being with my Bali
  3. Arayana

    3 Things That Never End

    There is no finish line. I keep saying I want to live forever. what really do we consider the “privileged”? Been to that geographic area for both business and exploration. Beautiful portals. endless exploration
  4. Arayana

    Let's Talk About Death

    Death is that subject that does need to be talked about. So important amongst close family members. Close even when not in physical distance or even in five sense communication. It is a soul contract thing, I feel. how thin is the veil? it feels good to have an open conversation with an understanding being. as we progress in age, we go thru experiencing the deaths of ppl we know and didn’t really know personally. And we learn about how others approach the subject. I find it quite amazing how ppl react.
  5. Arayana

    Teal's Safe Space

    Yes. Safe places feel safe. ty for sharing
  6. Arayana


    Very in tune today. nice selections. will have a look at the suggested video. ty.
  7. Arayana

    Depletion Shadow

    On the same page. the foods make such a difference in feeling well doing fine ty
  8. Arayana


    Nothing to loose. Will check it out.
  9. Arayana

    Taking Requests

    How are the objects that were/are being launched into orbit, around earth effecting all, on a conscious level? Is it effecting our wellness? Where do you see this taking us in the near future? I am feeling a greater sense of sensitivity, particularly at this time. But, I am finding that I have been drawn to these grids here in this particular place where I reside, for a reason. It is very soothing and I am able to sift my way through the burdens in life that I once had. What is your take on how this has happened?
  10. Got to go for it! Don’t give up. Sometimes another CAN see your potential. A joint effort. Take the opportunity, why not? yes we tend to find our “home” grids at times
  11. Arayana

    Taping Stones

    Positive fun stuff. Thanks you
  12. Arayana

    Ear Candle: The Verdict

    Never tried it. Never will. Ty for your input.
  13. Arayana

    Take Your Power Back

    Yes indeed. Focus on the attitude and allow life to greet me for the betterment of my well being in all aspects of my health. I am willing to allow this. and so it is.
  14. Arayana

    Throw A Blanket

    It’s a full moon too. kids play that game...they got something intuitive going on
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