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  1. SpiritualSeeker2020

    June 16th

    Happy birthday Teal Thank You so much for coming to this world at this time. Mankind and humanity owes you such a massive debt of gratitude. Hope that you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.
  2. FINALLY... Something Teal says that I do NOT agree with. I don't think that everyone is "Racist" as such. Sure people have prejudices but that doe snot make them racist. Racists have an inherent superiority of one race over another, be it white over coloured or coloured over any other couloured or even white. And that can certainly apply to anyone of any colour and is not reserved for whites only or for those with power only. As a teenager of Indian origin growing up in the UK, a friend of a friend who was also Indian use ot go on about how Indian culture and Indians by default were
  3. Being a Rainbow seller, going into relationships with expectations of returns for myself. Total focus on what I want to achieve and being so insensitive as to bulldoze those who got in my way. I am sure I have a ton load of other aspects that have got me into trouble. And all of those have also served me well in some way!!! Great video. I would say that coming across Teal this is year has to be one the most life changing aspects of 2020. It will be hard for anyone to top...
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