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  1. Oops most of all I am so grateful for your insight, the journey you had to travel to get here.The fact you spend your time and life simplifying , breaking down some of the most complicated truths of our existence. You are always so right on ,that those who oppose you just confirm you are right. Those fowl energies that want to discredit you, I do hope they watch themselves and get as embarrassed as I was watching them. You are to pretty , to cool and far to wise to ever be bother by the shallow fading entities of the soon to be past.Teal you are the future and a brighter future will come
  2. Hmmmm well cool I survive another car accident in which I was not driving, despite injury conditions, I will never give up my freedoms. Conformity cramps ones creative flow. This phantom virus is a joke. The new boogie man sad how many people need that fear.Personally I wouldn't bother with it never be afraid to live , love or laugh, be concerned when those things are censored.Despite what ever historical event we may be living through amazing things come from such events understanding , the opportunity to know who we are and what we stand for..There are not enough of these challenges in our

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