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  1. Nephthys

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Please do! I will be there cheers from Denmark
  2. Nephthys


    I want to take the risk of losing the connection from my mother's side of the family, and feeling shame and guilt for cutting them out of my life, because I really need to remove toxiticity from my life and figure out my shit. My partner is heavily impacted by my suffering and it's unfair, I expect him to be unconditional present with my pain. I will book a vipassana-retreat. I am sooo anxious and torn still about cutting my family off, since I really don't want to lose my nephew (he's 11)
  3. What does Teal say around 02:46? "Well it's not him it's _ No that's actually ___???__ "
  4. Nephthys


    You can search up self love / healing frequency music on youtube and play it beside the water.
  5. I picked the card "Control" from The Blind Spot deck this morning. Mindblown. Never use to be a match to that card:)
  6. Nephthys

    Frequency Heels

    Isn't Acturus very hot? Like, nothing creature like kan live there-hot?
  7. Nephthys


    I normalized conflict, self blame and panic attacks
  8. Guys, I encourage you to watch The Stockholm Workshop as she explains this and little bit further:) I watched a workshop earlier today where Teal said Germany and the Scandanavian countries are the places on Earth with most human suffering. I have such a hard time swallowing that.. I for sure have always thought Greenland, Japan, North Korea, Russia, etc were so much more awful places being born...!! I've lived in the world's #1 "happiest" country, Denmark for 21 years and then I'm offered this perspective.. I am mindblown. But makes sense, as people are quite isolated. What a way to validate emotional suffering. Thank you!
  9. People hurt me because they are in denial about their own trauma.

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