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    haha. Light as a torch. Spirit in you is unforgettable :-D Scarf for one of the boundary exercise, huuu Updated list of what you should bring with you, you will get by an email soon if you purchased your ticket. Your Yoda
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    Last 6 early bird tickets available!
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    Accommodation in Prague If you want to stay few days after or before the gathering in Prague I'd suggest to check these hostels:
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  5. New Year's Eve Gathering in Czech! Come to the Teal Tribe gathering on New Year's Eve. It will be unforgettable experience! See about the gathering here: If you want to buy tickets and you have Czech bank account ask me for cheaper option than it's on Eventbrite.
  6. Hello, next meetup will be on 15th December in Čajovna Dharmasala from 19:30. You're welcome! More about it here:
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    Actual information about transportation is included. And you can buy the tickets to the gathering now here:
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    Hi Michael, You're welcome. Did you probably quote your conversation with AbsoluteWave from another thread? Anyway to your questions. Nearest airport is in Prague. We will arrange shuttle bus to the retreat center departing at 14:00 from Prague Main Train Station, so secure your flight to arrive no later than 12:30. Hopefully later today this information will be updated in the description of this event on this page. Regarding accommodation, there will be accommodation in the 2 to 6 bed rooms available right in the retreat center. You can pay it at your arrival.
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    Till the ticket sales will be arranged, you can pre-register here
  10. However I'm surprised for this instructions: " If you come across something that displeases you, you are going to withdraw your attention from it and place your attention on something that does please you to look at. " I was thinking that the purpose of the walk is to experience everything on the road we meet and we can reflect that for our life. It's surprising to see the instruction for withdrawing from the displeasing things from the shadow work teacher :-) I'm thinking what's the purpose of that.
  11. First I experienced that with my tantra/shamanic buddies who introduced us to this technique. They call it Medicine Walk. For me it's great to see this technique in Teal processes too described by the spiritual teacher I like :-)
  12. Watching Basel workshop online in Prague Hi! Someone wants to join to watch synchronization workshop in Basel on 17th November online in Prague? If yes, let me know, we can organize group watching and group exercises.
  13. Next meetup will be on 24th Aug at 18:30 in Čajovna Dharmasala in Prague. See our facebook group
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    The online sells are closed now. But if you want to come to the gathering you're still welcome. You can buy ticket at the arrival. Just send me your email address, that I can include you in the confirmation email about the gathering.
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    Confirmation email just landed in your Inbox or Spam box. Check it out!