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  1. Faye

    Any Place In The World

    Im asian Im From MALAYSIA Im chinese And i have been following teal since 2015 Subsribe to her premium since day 1 And have been doing her work since day 1 Totally changed my life I wish you guys can come and have a workshop here in MALAYSIA one day I dont mind helping you guys find venue and set the whole workshop up Love you teal and all the team
  2. Faye

    What We Love About You

    I was thinking today and crying and did some shadow work on being free . I do my own work Im a coach And sometime i train clients who arent nice at all So i was doing CP And was thinking ways to be free to make money from having to feel like im a slave to some clients I love teaching but also hate dealing with assholes So yeah Love u teal ❤
  3. Faye

    Online Workshop - Jan 2021

    Dear teal team, I seriously do wish That we can have this online workshop every month Ive been a premium member since day 1 . And i hope teals team could see that many of us would be so happy to have this online workshop every month It really help me to understand more and more of her teaching So i can apply it in my life Thankyou
  4. Faye

    Volunteering Mission

    Teal team pls reply when u see this Can teal swan make a E course on how to be successfull with her speech , her ideas around making money to all the young generation like us ? It will be great
  5. Faye

    How Do You Wake Up?

    May i know where can i watch the full interview on this clip ?
  6. Faye

    Teal Loves Cooking

    I love today's update so much
  7. Faye

    Morning & Night Routine

    And i love drinking fresh juice before i go to sleep
  8. Faye

    Morning & Night Routine

    Most nights I would love to do Teals meditation I would put my phone beside and play whatever meditation of teals and do it till i fall asleep Thats my night routine
  9. Faye

    Ghost Stories

    I dont know what But when i was younger , in my house , in my bedroom , i kept having bad dreams and always fall of from the bad . It wasnt a good experience . Sometime when im down stairs . I would hear someone running upstairs but there is no one And ive seen a face poppong out of my toilet mirror before . It was like green and it was like smilling not too scary But yeah and i heard someone singing in a very high pitch And in school and when driving i heard , a scare sound when there is no one So it hasnt been that fun It has been very traumatizing for me But now im okay Cus i kinda be brave and not be scared of it anymore
  10. Faye

    Boulder Mountain

    Whats an elk ?
  11. Faye

    Going For Your Purpose

    I love you teal I really wanna do many things I guess i need to sit down and change my beliefs and do more parts work I feel like there is stuckness in me And Thankyou for this video
  12. Faye

    How Are People Hurting Me?

    Wow . I was just talking to my partner . How i realize i have so much resistance when i step out of the house . I feel like i have so much resistance to people becus people are reallly mean . And so i spend most of my days walking around wearing an armor . Its really painful I hate people who are mean to me . I really do So coincidence , that after talking this to my partner . Teal , you posted this video Thankyou
  13. Faye

    How To Thrive In A Crisis

    Its too expensive for me Almost 600+ my currency Oh well
  14. Faye

    3 Shadows

    please make your E course affordable teal the last time I bought ur E course , because I'm from Asia , the currency exchange is high I paid almost 700 my money for the self love course pleaseee thankyouuuuu

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