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  1. Funny that yesterday I was still processing one session with a lovely cp few weeks back...something did not feel complete- triggering..and here is also the answer...she also could not fully accept futility of society.....that is why I stayed triggered when she mentioned that the thing I Want I may fulfill in next life....I processed it quite well and here it's nailed. Luckily after so many sessions and support I am able to process lots by myself..something I always wanted....the right tools. Thank teal...my one of the biggest life blessings.
  2. kundalini Martina


    I would drop into myself even more....connect to nature...and truths of existence.
  3. kundalini Martina


    I notice the depth of person, their life, if they are happy to go within, If they are open for inner work, their purpose according to human design, their willingness to change their life for the best of all around them, how in self love they are, how unconscious their life is /or conscious, ... little things that tell me so much about each person: their divinity, likes, .... , what their dead ends are, their life flowering- how connected to God they are...,their inner children, their open hearts, their triggers,...their this life time options for thriving or not/ blockages.
  4. kundalini Martina


    That I am observing my truth about my life and that is that I keep parasiting on some people's help, my good friend,for example who helped me with housing. I have a hard time to be an adult. I feel ashamed of my life , because of my developmental delay...and I feel also jealous and hurt to see many people have a life. I also want simple family life.... ....sometimes I also feel as a horrible person because of my emotional waves. I do not want people to also know that I don't want to work in an ordinary job as I happily dream about setting up my own business and becoming a millionaire. These are few things I don't want people to know.
  5. kundalini Martina


    lots of self hate, self abandonment and shame until many gradual resolve came and eventually her completion feelings...the healing she longed for.......( second thought....x x x)
  6. kundalini Martina


    Create an ad on fb to promote my business, try to go to work although I can't afford energetically to mess about with anything less than self love or my life purpose,.. do all I can to visualize my ideal place and these steps.. x
  7. kundalini Martina


    I would love to live in Bali , in one of the great world locations where I can continue to do my healing work from. I can see myself living in a bungalow or some rented rooms in Bali , with a pool...that's one of the options, energetically and practically how I would love to change my life with no risk! I would be able to settle down in one of the Asian locations, by allowing myself to fully say yes, no risk....and choose and go and live there....the risk that I am trying to avoid is to feel small , because I may need to ask for money initially to start up a new life, ...foundraising etc...and also my other risks are my fragile health as I was healing my guts from parasites etc,....and also finances that I won't be able to support myself with a new business, ...and that there will be visas complications, .....that country will require certain amount of money in my account and other things that may be a risk for me to try to go there to start my new life....my other risk that I am trying to avoid is that I actually may change my mind while there and realise that now I do not like it because I prefer a having my own kitchen , ... western world and western shops,....although on deep level I know that is not the truth, I would love to live in Asia.
  8. kundalini Martina


    I would love to lose everything for a soul mate close by, my purposeful work, life in a community, ...things flowing because I did the right decision for that thing, living in a place where I am invited to GROW!
  9. kundalini Martina


    For this life serving me and to live in alignment with my inner self's dreams and what is my purpose in this life time, life in abundance and true joy!
  10. kundalini Martina


    Seek and find , ....but one more step to get out there and share what has to be shared in love and presence and live finally in peace and love, live from my heart- all in self love finally!
  11. kundalini Martina


    To at least one more time try to go to work, earn money that way while yes resting at home, healing, and getting ready for the next phase of my life- where to live, manifest big- dream big, but also continue as I do with all that I have been blessed with! This is my priority, the self love steps ..........with art and the mentioned try to go to work....dream big, ...all that, because I am finally healing properly! And yet new life is awaiting for me...and somehow I want to prepare as I am so blessed with the help that has been given to me................x
  12. kundalini Martina


    consciousness awakening in me and in people, very valuable inner healing - part of this fully, all in self love, live life purposefully
  13. kundalini Martina


    where to live when this housing is no longer o.k. for me while i want to continue with self healing, feeling safe, in comfort, living purposefully and much much lighter about money and also feeling presence of my soul mate or life partner that I long for!
  14. kundalini Martina


    On a subconscious level I carry a torch of society- their views and I do it because it makes me feels safe, in comfort, being provided for......deeply and courageously I carry the torch of my inner knowing feeling to help of teal Swan, oneness consciousness and dream within of living with like minded people, off the grid, intensively in the healing work and spreading the fruits of that to the world.
  15. kundalini Martina


    ' never give up on healing and see your life transform for the better' - power of my own healing using inner child and other methods that use breath and connection to our hearts....simply my art of beingness....to the world, so I create a dance with larger picture while on this earth, people are inspired by my energy

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