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  1. Sometimes you may wish for a fresh peacemaker or a nice used ice-breaker but have to cope with a retired sailmaker or a malware-free pacemaker , and sometimes you wished your vice attracted more sun and good advice but all you can see is your running mice with tears in their eyes , singing ; Everybody wants to Rule , ( or not ) ...
  2. The ship was these days crossing the equator-line when introducing the classic Cruise-Christmas theatre play To Sea or not to See , May you wish to Agree , with upcoming off-broadway actor Mr. Hammeredbreth and his character dog the Bar-King , the ticket also including a new 1-day safari concept Dinner & Deserting offering free conversations with the relation-ship lawyers in Outsoon & Sons , or the cautious 1st class wedding consultants from Mary Whiseguys & Anny Withgold ...
  3. The annual gathering Ships Without Boundaries , this year south of Bounty Islands , had been successful and the captain had received the 2 prestigious awards MMWWC ( MostMilesWithoutWhaleCrashes ) and SLIM ( SofarLeakfreeInviteMother-in-laws ) , in addition to winning the 3 days turtle-race with his favourite salad eater Charity Whenlose , also his personal trainer and ship face-lift surgeon Phil Morelips confirmed that his friends in the low-handicap band Eagles & Birdies would perform on his upcoming birthday playing their delicate new singles Dry Hotels in California and One of these Fl
  4. Arne


    The 2nd class ship fortune-teller Tarotta Crystall-Bowlings once told Harry the horse-trainer that if you compete against yourself you must expect to lose, because there will always be a better version 3.0 of you around the corner, but as you grow old you may appreciate some gold although it mainly originates from a 5+ billion year old supernova explotion in the Galaxy, making you look pretty young when playing end-games ...
  5. The annual Pre-Christmas ship party was in preparation, and to expand his connections the captain introduced an expected fax-reform while telling his booking boss Mainlly-Greycash that last year he wished to feel freer as he got a new ship chips-fryer from his vice Mr. Phenny Poundwish, but he received confirmations that they would get a famous Sinatra crooner to sing the new hits My Fairway and Fly him to one More Moon, supported by the popular Francisco comeback band 4Nonfake-Blondes ...
  6. The ship was heading further south to avoid the late fall as the attorney Mrs. Whynott-Shlamjerks watched a modern-art mirror painting named Me-RR-or-more in the upper deck restaurant while having a lunch-conversation with the sci-fi filmmaker Cliff Hangers and high-court judge Mr. Alz Heimers, just before the ship-actor Tom Bruce Cruice was supposed to steal secrets from the past when entering a time-wormhole in the new movie Sail Hard 2, and the judge confirmed to Cliff that 20+ years old crimes may be prosecuted in several countries, so he would like to know where the travel was supposed to
  7. Arne

    Snow Moon

    The journalist Anny Scandall-Rock was talking to Mr. Armedstrong about the new ship-magazine Just Relatives to Trust, and as he was chairman for the NAAA ( nationalalternativeasasinationasociation ) she would like some input for her next article Freelunch4all , but they were interrupted as the ship-chef Emma Unions-Mackerell served her popular signature dish hot EU-Paella with fresh fishy spices ...
  8. During the Sunday dinner on the top-deck doctor Ph.Ill was asked by the chief officer Mr. Calling-Backsoon whether he was close to paranoid when sometimes feeling the ship was chased by storms, and that he had hired the famous Hardway windcalmer Mr Lesser Airkonn-Dissions to avoid cancelling the weekend concert with the upcoming duo Swifter Umbrella, but the doctor calmed him by explaining that 1 out of 3 paranoid patients he knew in fact were chased , and many rainmakers were followed by skies, also during their spare-time ...
  9. The hairdresser Tearesa Trywig noticed that the captain had finished reading the book How to copy Harry's Hole-in-one , so she informed him that his pet sea-chimpanzee named Irish Coffee had just 3% genome difference compared to an average 1st class passenger, then recommending a shortcut wig from the french Toulouse producer What2lose ...
  10. The Tictacnics casino had a separate golf-club table named Iron-Y where they may use a putter called Put-all-in, but the loosers could get 3 hours of free exercise with doctor Ph.Ill's ship-dog named Great Bill, or just talk to his expert ex about explaining ...
  11. A Tictacnic passenger belonging to 3rd class once asked the captain about any justice issues he was aware of, but mentioned just-ice-eating problems and too much spice for his vice, not very importantly the 2nd class off-broadway comedy-show tonight was just banned because the ships 1st class ice-protecting grey-whale was not working as planned ...
  12. If your neighborhood no longer feels awesome good, and there is too much smoke in your near-healthy food, you may go for a different fair-way walking , or choose some space-philosophy talking with a friend of Stephen Hawking ...
  13. A vegan hard-corean R&B loving elephant with nearsightedness once crashed into an older redwood tree, but the lower green branches just said ; we have stopped complaining to the higher branches after watching the neighbor tree was used as materials for a steamy Vegas relation-ship named Tictacnic ...
  14. Once there was a grey whale with sea-sickness, looking for a less current busi-ness, but he soon ended his next position as expert guide for Loch-Ness , after putting up a rather fishy sign ; If you meet our sea-pets you would feel great , but they may get great-ful ...
  15. When you have no fear watching a whale up for air, you may see a salty tear , so you will then visit the Statue of Liberation to move a static at10tion , and after giving her your deepest bow, you probably need the current night-show ...
  16. Phil-osophy for Christmas ; Sometimes you wish for a fresh apple 3 , but missed the updated Santa clause , finding yourself with a green galaxy and a smart-... horse.
  17. Assume we today should wish DT and US some interesting years ahead , and for HC with friends ; we still have 3 free beds left in my attic.
  18. In a game of chess you should not have the black king walking around without purpose, but during the end-game there is not rare , that you may need him near ...
  19. Arne

    Costa Rica

    When asking a wise for advice , you may end up with a hurri-cane and a fence ...
  20. Arne


    When feeling in bad shape I try to practice triple-jump , because then the right technique is jumping as low as possible , almost hitting the ground ...
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