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    Lol?! Tealyooooo❤, there's not much to say- no bs- ' love it!!! sending blessings and gratitude your way?? Omg: I s o l o v e your light a n d shadow....( just sayin'- this crossed my mind while I was feeling into what I just watched)
  3. Angel-a

    More Than One

    Teal, thank you for mentioning the above❤! I've been feeling that way for years and to me life would bore the c**p out of me if we only had one single self... Tons of LOVE to you, siStar???
  4. Angel-a

    The Current

    Dearest Teal, I so resonate with this blog(!!!). thank you for invisioning the "angels retreat"/ "sister retreat center" : I want to be part of that! sending you LOVE across the miles???
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