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  1. Lemme guess, trauma? Yup. Trauma. Heard it. You've said it before. More than once. Got it. It's just a way to preemptively manage what's coming, from whatever dangerous person(s) you grew up with, & voila, an empath is made. I got it. Thanks.
  2. Olivia Bell

    "Let Go" Day

    I never feel like I'm in sync with the collective, with these greater Universe updates. I feel more alien than alien.
  3. Olivia Bell

    Change Your Name?

    Lira. I'd rather it be spelled Lyra, but people would pronounce it like "Lie-rah", and that's unacceptable. It's "Leer-ah". So I'd spell it Lira.
  4. Olivia Bell

    Judgement Sigil

    Wish I could ask to discuss the difference between a judgement and a boundary. Been watching long enough to know a boundary is a preference. Teal likes coffee coconut milk icecream. Her example of a boundary. But a judgement can come with a boundary, and also be confused for one. My friend invited me to a party, and that came up as a "No" for me, so I didn't go to the party. That "No" was a preference, a boundary. But often, maybe most of the time, a preference, a boundary, comes with a judgement as well. Not only do I not want to go to the party, I also know the people that will be there are
  5. I can be mad the rest of my life about the fuckin sugar plums. Lol But I will never not be in awe There's just no one better at this than you.
  6. Olivia Bell

    Taking Requests

    I'd like you to clear up what was going on with posting and promoting the Vermont Country Store Sugarplums in December of 2019, that really gaslit me and a few others. Those things aren't vegan. So, I'd like you to talk about it. Even if it's just to say that you just consciously DECIDED to eat this non vegan treat, because you wanted it that badly, that would be better than just acting like it was totally normal, & there was no gaslight to that particular Daily Update, when there definitely was. You have been very vocal about being vegan, and at a certain point, even asked all of us who f
  7. Olivia Bell

    For Yourself

    Eating mostly organic, non GMO foods-always vegan:) Taking my supplements and doing the PEMF everyday, to treat my Morgellons. Exercising. Singing. Dancing. Finding positive things to watch-to make me laugh, or teach me something, or yeah, just entertain me:) Reaching out to the people who most understand me when I need to. *Crying. K. That's all for now;)
  8. Olivia Bell

    One Virtue

    Uhh, true empathy. Pretty much takes care of all concerns.
  9. Olivia Bell

    Family Shadow Side

    I've actually been MORE than willing to look at my family and say to myself, *and often them too: "Uhh, yall is FUCKED UP." What I need is where to go from there. I've got all of Teal's books. But this loneliness (yes, I have The Anatomy of Loneliness book too) is making it such that NOTHING I do-whether it's to do with building a career, or healing myself-is WORTH it to me. Why? Because I'm ALONE. I don't care about having a career if I'm still alone. I don't care about my healing if I'm alone while I'm doing it. Who cares about success of ANY kind if you'r
  10. Olivia Bell

    A Closed Door

    I don't like a lot of newer music. I like mostly 80s & 90s to early 2000s music.
  11. Olivia Bell


    I'd just start singing in every public place I could right now. I'm trying to avoid being humiliated & judged negatively. So I'm not singing anywhere, but my room.
  12. Olivia Bell


    Taking care of the animals I live with, & cleaning up after them, because the people I live with, who brought them here, won't do it. And taking supplements, eating healthy foods, & being extra clean, because of having Morgellons. I'm tired of HAVING to do these things in order to be relatively comfortable.
  13. Olivia Bell


    The animals I live with would all be in a MUCH better living situation, with better, more abundant, willing, & committed people taking care of them & loving them for the rest of their lives. Same goes for all animals all over the world. Can I do that, or is that 2 wishes in one?
  14. A forest that still gets plenty of sunlight, by a crystal clear river or stream.
  15. Olivia Bell

    Typical Gemini

    I'm a Cancer. Just look up what having a Cancer Sun sign means. There ya go. That's a big part of me. But it's not ALL of me. I've also got a Sagittarius Rising and a Capricorn Moon, along with Neptune in my 1st house making everything, including me, very dreamy, artsy, but goddamn FUZZY and confusing. And then I've got this Scorpio shit going on, having my Sun in the 8th house, Jupiter in the 8th house, Pluto sextile my ascendent, & fucking Black Moon Lilith CONJUNCT my Sun, ALSO in the fucking 8th house. To complicate things further, with all this inten

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