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  1. Olivia Bell

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    I have no idea what any of my "Spirit" things are. Spirit animal, Spirit mineral...no fucking clue at all. I LIKE a LOT of animals and a LOT of minerals and gems. I like emerald a lot, but never have had one. I like kunzite a lot. I like diamonds a lot. I like crystal a lot. I like cats a lot. I like farm animals a lot. I like exotic animals a lot. I like rabbits a lot. I love animals. I love light, and things that reflect light in beautiful ways, like a lot of stones do. I like colors. I don't frickin know, damnit.
  2. Olivia Bell

    Best Book Ever

    I grew up loving Christopher Pike books. He made my teen years. And I still love re-reading my old Christopher Pike books from the '90s. I also love Anne Rice, mainly the Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches series, The Wolf Gift, and The Wolves of Midwinter. I also loved the book Stranger with my Face by Lois Duncan, along with a few other Lois Duncan suspense thrillers. Clearly, metaphysical, esoteric stuff has always been a thing with me, and a bit dark. *Sun conjunct Lilith, Sun in my 8th house, Jupiter in my 8th house, Lilith in my 8th house, & Pluto sextile my Ascendent. I'm a Cancer, but...uhh pretty Scorpionic. Plus I was severely neglected & abused, like a lot of us, so. Ya know.. I also love near death stories, my favorite being Embraced By the Light by Betty Eadie, which I read when I was 18. And I truly LOVE Teal's blog and articles. I miss her blog being more about her, her personal experiences, & how she sees things. But I appreciate why her blogs are more about the collective now. Regardless, you are still one of my ultimate favorite writers, Teal, and I thank you. Anyway...
  3. Reacting to abuse and things that upset me, openly. I've always been surrounded by abusers, so do you think my reactions help me? No. But I say when something is wrong. There's a bit of that honesty thing with me too, but it also has caused me to share things with untrustworthy people. Loneliness causes that too, where I share things with these abusers, because I need connection, and I fucking know I shouldn't tell them anything. My lack of self worth, believing that my singing will never bring me abundance, and that I don't deserve abundance anyway, so all I've done is work at minimum wage jobs, and never earned enough money to support myself. Which is why I live with my abusers. Lack of self worth permeates everything that could be good in my life. Distrust. I don't trust anyone completely. No one has fully given me occasion. Resistance to doing my shadow work. Often feels pointless, and again, lonely. No one near me to do it with me, and no money to pay a CP practioner. Hopelessness, powerlessness, feeling trapped. I'll stop now to be polite.
  4. Olivia Bell

    React VS Respond

    Thank you,Teal
  5. Thank you, Teal (*Fuck) But thank you. This is why we listen and read what you tell us. For the truth.
  6. I need you to talk about George Floyd. A lot of us are suffering over what happened to him.
  7. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    The problem with the "kill them with kindness" routine you think you're pulling, is that it's not actual kindness, Matt. And I know Teal would attest to that. Just FYI.
  8. Olivia Bell

    Singles Awareness Day

    Just trying to breathe. Asthma's really bad right now.
  9. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    Didn't say a word about losing divinity. Said when we hero worship, we are not *recognizing that our divinity is just as awesome as anyone else's. *Something Teal herself has said about fans hero worshipping celebrities, including herself. I also was observing the inherent absurdity of autographs and selfies or pics w/celebrities *in general, whether it is a product of full-on hero worship, or not. But continue trying to miss the point of my post. It's easier than considering it.
  10. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    What does that have to do with finding selfies w/celebrities and autographs arbitrary? That sentiment is for everyone. You completely missed the point of my post.
  11. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    If I ever get to go to a Synchronization Workshop, I'm NOT gonna sit in line, just to get a pic standing next to her. That's some arbitrary fan bullshit. To me it's as sad as autographs. "She or he TOUCHED this!" "She or he TOUCHED me!" And? Yes, humans have arms and hands and fingers. It's amazing, I know. So do you, by the way. Fuck... To me it's just saying, YOUR divinity is more valuable than MY divinity, so let me have something you touched, or touch you, so I'll have a tiny bit of divinity, 'cause mine isn't enough. Someday, we'll just see artists and teachers as people who make art and teach. We'll still love them, but we won't need autographs and pics with them, because we'll know our own worth is just as simultaneously special AND ordinary, in it's divine humanity, as any other person. Someday, we'll just enjoy the content, the art, the product, and not do this hero worship crap. Someday, we'll know our worth. Yes, "edited", because I found a writer who says this even more eloquently, and I must share, so maybe you understand this thought, that much more: Why do people want autographs anyway? | Complete Music Update https://completemusicupdate.com/article/why-do-people-want-autographs-anyway/
  12. Olivia Bell

    Worst Date Ever

    Every "date" where I was expected to go to a party at his friends' houses. Didn't know those people. He had known all of them since highschool. Didn't fit in with them. Should never have gone to any of those parties, and yeah, should not have been dating one of my shadows: Mr. or Ms.Popularity.
  13. Olivia Bell


    Yes. It's called The Tribe: Teal Swan Fan Group. See you there:)
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