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  1. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    The problem with the "kill them with kindness" routine you think you're pulling, is that it's not actual kindness, Matt. And I know Teal would attest to that. Just FYI.
  2. Olivia Bell

    Singles Awareness Day

    Just trying to breathe. Asthma's really bad right now.
  3. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    Didn't say a word about losing divinity. Said when we hero worship, we are not *recognizing that our divinity is just as awesome as anyone else's. *Something Teal herself has said about fans hero worshipping celebrities, including herself. I also was observing the inherent absurdity of autographs and selfies or pics w/celebrities *in general, whether it is a product of full-on hero worship, or not. But continue trying to miss the point of my post. It's easier than considering it.
  4. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    What does that have to do with finding selfies w/celebrities and autographs arbitrary? That sentiment is for everyone. You completely missed the point of my post.
  5. Olivia Bell

    LA Workshop

    If I ever get to go to a Synchronization Workshop, I'm NOT gonna sit in line, just to get a pic standing next to her. That's some arbitrary fan bullshit. To me it's as sad as autographs. "She or he TOUCHED this!" "She or he TOUCHED me!" And? Yes, humans have arms and hands and fingers. It's amazing, I know. So do you, by the way. Fuck... To me it's just saying, YOUR divinity is more valuable than MY divinity, so let me have something you touched, or touch you, so I'll have a tiny bit of divinity, 'cause mine isn't enough. Someday, we'll just see artists and teachers as people who make art and teach. We'll still love them, but we won't need autographs and pics with them, because we'll know our own worth is just as simultaneously special AND ordinary, in it's divine humanity, as any other person. Someday, we'll just enjoy the content, the art, the product, and not do this hero worship crap. Someday, we'll know our worth. Yes, "edited", because I found a writer who says this even more eloquently, and I must share, so maybe you understand this thought, that much more: Why do people want autographs anyway? | Complete Music Update https://completemusicupdate.com/article/why-do-people-want-autographs-anyway/
  6. Olivia Bell

    Worst Date Ever

    Every "date" where I was expected to go to a party at his friends' houses. Didn't know those people. He had known all of them since highschool. Didn't fit in with them. Should never have gone to any of those parties, and yeah, should not have been dating one of my shadows: Mr. or Ms.Popularity.
  7. Olivia Bell


    Yes. It's called The Tribe: Teal Swan Fan Group. See you there:)
  8. Olivia Bell


    Lilac, but it's not because I lived near a Lilac bush as a kid, though I wish I did. No, it's because when I was 13, I didn't have any perfume, and I thought I needed some, so I took my Mom's Avon Lilac deodorant and kept it in my purse. The "deodorant" was a perfume. I don't know why Avon called it a deodorant It was in a small, square, clear glass bottle, and it was clear liquid, just like all perfume is. The smell was obviously nothing compared to real Lilac, but it was so lovely regardless. And it was like my secret gift to myself. It smelled really good on me, and it seemed to really fit me. The smell of Lilac is my soft, feminine innocence, and that is why I've named that aspect of me 'Lilac'. Because of this, my favorite flower and favorite smell is Lilac. It reminds me of a part of myself that is clean and truly beautiful. Most people don't know about it. My protector self doesn't want her exposed anymore, but I think she comes out when my protector self isn't looking, or falls asleep or something. I don't know. She's my little girl self, mixed with an angel. Lilac is the most precious part of me
  9. Olivia Bell

    Teal On Candy

    I was identical in my addiction for sugar. I still like sugar, but I don't consume it like I used to, and in the moments when I've gone too far-like recently when I ate too much vegan cheezecake-my body tells me with overwhelming nauseousness and a terribly yucky feeling. I have to be careful. My favorite is also cotton candy, #1, rock candy-the dark blue kind, any gummy fruity candy, like jelly belly-but I can't do those, and most gummy fruit snacks, 'cause most aren't vegan (Annie's fruit snacks are though❤), those gourmet lollipops with awesome flavors, *including their best flavor: cotton candy flavor. Werther's Originals-before I was vegan, but not anymore. As far as chocolate, *BEFORE I was vegan?Snickers. Chocolate covered pretzels. Pretty good swiss chocolate you could get at Walgreens. Godiva Raspberry Crowns (since discontinued). Cadberry cream eggs. Reese's buttercups. I could go on, but I'd be here all day. These days I strictly eat vegan candy, but not very often, and preferably organic. I'm glad candy isn't a staple of my diet anymore, but yes, sometimes I feel sorry for myself that I can longer be carefree and reckless with it.
  10. Olivia Bell

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    I've been the friend, the healer, the mother, the keeper, etc. I'm in that stage where I need my needs met. And it's not going to happen, because my vibration is fucked, & I'm not pretty & cool enough. (You can get away with being fucked up quite a bit if you're attractive and/or charismatic. Just make it look nice. No one looks deeply at things. *This is why I hate people. It only matters what it SEEMS like, not what it is like.)
  11. Olivia Bell

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    I don't recall saying or implying anyone was forcing me to do anything. I'm just frustrated with Tealers right now, and I *always have been frustrated with general PEOPLE. But I know I need another person to do parts work & cp with. Therefore, I have to wait until I "fix" my vibration around financial abundance, along with every fucking thing else, so I can pay a trained CP practioner. 'Cause ain't no Tealers or regular people in life, on TT, or on fb or frickin ANYWHERE that can or will be present and straight.
  12. Olivia Bell

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    It feels to me like the only way I'm going to get constructive CP and/or Parts Work with anyone else, is if I am paying a trained CP practioner. Like so many other things, if you want it to work, you have to do it yourself, or you have to pay for it. Pretty disappointed in humans, including fellow Tealers.
  13. Olivia Bell

    Sugar Plums

    Un fucking real.
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