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  1. Anyone on the ZOOM after party that can share the link?!
  2. Brule Breaker


    I have a strong calling to talk to people about changing the dynamics of living. I am a premium member to learn more about co - living.
  3. 2021 - Is there possibility in systematic change?!
  4. Brule Breaker

    Hunger Of The Pine

    Soo exciting!! I have my first book coming out in Sept! Woah it is a process!
  5. Brule Breaker

    Energy Shield

    Hey did I miss the July Live session?! When is the next one scheduled? Where do you usually post this information?
  6. Brule Breaker

    Ask Teal BTS

    So you might have a video on this already but when you are projecting at night ... is it possible for others to see you in their projections and why? I have vivid dreams. I understand them. I know when Spirit visits you feeling... Then last night I had a dream, there were lots of people in it. Do I remember everyone no. But I was sitting beside you at the table and we got up and left together. It was the strangest feeling like Spirit visits. You weren't just a fog or a body without a "real" face. You were you. I could even smell you. You turned your head and hit my arm with y
  7. I think when people are in pain they tend to relate better to negativity because they associate it with the lack mindset they are in! Reality is not negative or positive it is natural! We love your naturalness! Both the positive and the negative because we love you!
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