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  1. Wilder

    Shadow Side Of Breatharianism

    Also, the parts of the Breatharian initiation that were beneficial, were the activation of Clair-senses likely due to the vegan detox over months. And the awareness of how high vibe fruit is and therefore high in Pranic Energy. I learned that digestion takes a lot of energy, so there’s a balance point where you can eat high energy foods that are easy to digest, and do practices that cultivate Prana like Falon gong, and live more on Prana and less on food. I also learned what it feels like to have disordered eating, when I binged as long as I fasted. I lost my ability to feel hungry and full and ate till it hurt, out of emotional need.
  2. Wilder

    Shadow Side Of Breatharianism

    Thanks for posting this Teal. It’s good to revisit our conversation, and hear you more clearly, now that I’ve transitioned further into embodiment, and asking for what I need, which is still difficult 3 years into it. In retrospect, I see how I was trying not to have any needs to avoid asking and beat the system. That led me to extreme isolation and struggle. I just moved (Susan’s) my yurt to Durango. I have more amenities here, electric, septic, refrigerator even—But most importantly community, and connection. This video is from my CPCP training, Interestingly I’m finding that my specialty is abandonment trauma and many of my clients have birth trauma. Do you remember that I integrated an infant aspect at that training that returned to source? I’m aligned to work with a high profile client this week who has birth trauma and was born breech or posterior. Any insight for me, now that I’ve integrated many aspects that were abandoned or bounced out of body—for myself and my CP clients? Thank you for seeing so clearly, and for supporting me in sessions! Love!! Hannah
  3. Not sure why, but the part about the guy on the date, made me cry... Maybe because I forgot the other person might be nervous about relating too. I know comfort is my relationship with food. Blake you said you were working on a series a while back, I wonder if you all could make it through that lens of the clair-senses with special effects.--I want to be on that project! Teal, I want to know more about how you experience the world differently. Gracie, did you see it too?
  4. Wilder


    I want to experience ongoing Reciprocal Romantic Love in my physical reality. IE: true and lasting love with a partner that I'm deeply attracted to.
  5. Wilder


    And consciousness--Holding both truths has been an ongoing teaching the past couple years. I definitely relate to both sides of your experiences, I too went the horse path. I was watching a video on the Masterson Method--Healing for horses through relationship with humans, it definitely goes both ways. This video had me weeping and wondering if I'm meant to work with horses again. I also was raised in Utah and am searching for belonging. Thank you for the beautiful reflection! love you guys!
  6. Wilder

    Taking Requests

    Oh yeah! I forgot to ask, as a CP and a healer, what is the best application of Completion Process at this time? Where does this modality want to go?
  7. Wilder

    Taking Requests

    Hi Teal, I'm wondering if you can help us identify the truth by getting more specific about the virus and social programming and control. Is there a media outlet you trust? Do you think masks are preventing the spread of the virus or do you wear them out of compliance? What is effective precaution and what is fear mongering? Are you going to get the vaccine? I'm arguing with close friends about this right now because I don't want "vaccines" injected into my body, and I don't want distancing to become normal. Is the US the worst place to be if we oppose these things? Will the boarders be closed? Regarding other realities, how can we remember what we experience during astral or soul travel? Thank you for being dedicated to frequent updates, I enjoy the hearing the vibration of the collective, it helps me to feel less alone in my experience and often validates my subjective reality--like you're speaking directly to my experience. It's really nice just getting to know you too. Thanks for asking!
  8. Wilder

    Dreams and Purpose

    Wake me up! Wake me up! I know when you wake me Teal, then I drift back to sleep though I know you're there. I was shown the choice to go where you are going in ceremony and I said YES!! But I don't remember soul traveling with you, though I'm frequently asking for it to happen when I go to bed....How can I bring these experiences into my waking life? As far as purpose I have a repeating dream that I have to do something, and time is running out and I'm being monitored then I wake up and I have no Idea what it is I am supposed to do. Frederic was there once when this dream happened and when I woke him, he said there were beings in the room and he told them to go. Who are they? What specifically do they want me to do?? Why are they watching???
  9. Wilder

    Sweet Grass

    I love this playful vibe...I use Sweet grass at the end of sound healing after all the clearing to fill the newly created space with goodness--love and light.
  10. Aw...Glad you have each other in such a solid (though non-romantic) relationship! Love you both!! Hugs!

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