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  1. kevin lee innes

    thanks Daz my head is all over the place, i cant concentrate on anything even meditation is a struggle,with stress and other problems,
  2. kevin lee innes

    nice 1 speak soon, message me next time you are on here, how do i get a photo on profile mine wont load up?
  3. kevin lee innes

    yes this is it, all fell into place, i need to contact you, elliot or ricky ?
  4. kevin lee innes

  5. kevin lee innes

    Ah Ricky finally someone likeminded, i stare at walls and trees glass shower water on the glass pretty much anything, i see storys and pictures all the time on them but cant seem to work it out until its happened which is no use lol, the clouds are my main source of info which i also dont understand yet, they talk through words letters numbers and symbols, the birds try to communicate but im still not advanced enough to get it,music speaks to me too, its going to be good fun once i master this along with you guys who are interested, im exited to finally meet people who are on the same channel
  6. kevin lee innes

    Hey Ricky brilliant cant wait to find out, i am not sure what you mean about my name? i am also wondering if you can explain this permanent deja vu like experience im living,? its been like this for 7 months now and i ive seen or dreamt so many future things but cant time them, im so confused with this as i dont know if things have happened yet or not at times and i say things to people before it happens and look stupid, i cant find any research that explains this as powerfully as my experience actually is, and if im not being crazy i think i have some great powers in my locker, hope this doesnt sound too weird? blessings and respect kevin
  7. kevin lee innes

    Hi lovely people, i am new to this and look forward to getting to know and sharing knowledge and help heal the world. is there any1 in scotland or uk who would like to hook up for some fun and growth? i live in a place where nobody understands me and think im crazy because im very aware of the world we live in , i am still going through the horrible process of lost confusion and feel pretty stuck now and very lonely, any help or feedback on your experience is welcome with gratitude, peace and love kevin