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  1. AmimieXD

    Teal's Safe Space

    My safe space is a forest clearing with a river running through it.
  2. AmimieXD

    Profound Experience

    I had an internship at a hospital for palliative care and got to be present with someone who died while I was with them.
  3. AmimieXD

    Call To Action

    I literally just had a conversation with a friend about this an hour ago. I guess it's safe to say we both felt the dominant vibration.
  4. AmimieXD

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    My favorite mineral is rose quartz. I have a piece of rose quartz (I don't even know how I got this one, maybe someone gifted it to my parents and I just found it at home, I don't remember) and I just feel so good holding it. I know it's not traditionally a stone that is used for grounding, but I always feel very grounded and "cocooned" when holding it. It also helps me concentrate and calms me down. I always feel more capable to deel with life when I meditate on that piece of rose quatz. It's just a really good fit for me.
  5. AmimieXD


    I had to unlearn that "conflict is a sign of a bad relationship, so avoid conflict at all costs." I still really need and enjoy harmony in relationships. But I understand now that in order to have true harmony you have to actively deal with the issues at hand, wich sometimes means conflict. So basiclly "go and tell people what your not okay with, even if that might lead to conflict."
  6. For me it would be the movie "the perks of being a wallflower". I'm a blend of the three main characters. I just feel so understood when I'm watching this movie.
  7. I think for me it's my tendency to make an awkward situation even more awkward. Not intentionally of course. But awkward situations tend to make me really nervous and I just talk a lot when I'm nervous. And because I'm nervous I'm usually talking complete nonsense and I'm aware that I'm talking complete nonsense but I just can't stop. And afterwards I look back at the situation and think "that's not even your opinion, why did you say that?"...
  8. AmimieXD

    Taking For Granted

    The things that I take for granted are: 1. That there are people in my life that are really willing to understand me. They might not always understand me right away, but when I explain myself to them they listen and they actually care. Sometimes I'm too quick to think "don't bother telling them about this, they know nothing about this stuff", when in reality I actually could connect with them and explain my thoughts and feelings to them. 2. That my parents are so supportive.
  9. AmimieXD

    The Most Difficult

    I feel like people are at war with each other over this situation. It's not just a discussion over different opinions, people are generally so angry and closed off over this. Public discourse feels like a battlefield. Here in Germany the borders to France are closed. The "safety measures" there are basically the same as here, so there is abolutly no reason for this. It just causes harm and division. It's painful.
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