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  1. Vile

    Star Wars Characters

    no Luke? And i guess Darth Wader is still playing in the dark side lol ^^ ;DD Mine is Rey ofcourse! Easy one Love Star Wars!!!
  2. Vile


    flying!!! lol true freedom also meeting with a certain people in real life, finding and showing my excelence i guess...i really wanted to study and be well tutiored by a certain someone, in the paranormal things, the metaphysics of the cosmos, i guess Magic would summ it all up nicelly...appearently its just mastering your mental(ity), no? To Love and Be Loved trully
  3. Vile


    Travell, keep on exploring ^^
  4. Vile

    Volunteering Mission

    Easy peasy, you Teal, ofcourse duh =DDD
  5. Vile

    What's Your Landscape?

    Blake u r such a goldfish lol i see finding Nemo in you type of characters for sure!!! ^^ ;*
  6. Vile


    umm...but what happened to Lynn guys? weren't she and Blake engaged before? this anauncment confuses =/
  7. Vile

    About Cancel Culture

    It is FIRST time i am hearing such expression...what the hell Is considered to be a 'Cancel culture'? XD
  8. Vile

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Soo echem, how can I join your community Teal and Blake? ^^ =DDD
  9. Vile

    What's In My Bag?

    Damn it Teal! Then i thought u couldnt make us love u more...u go again and prove us wrong in the best way
  10. Vile

    The Truth About Empaths

    Yaiks! So how do we heal our nervous system then?
  11. Vile

    Teal's Son

    Connection oriented here also!
  12. Vile

    Teal's Son

    Connection oriented here also!
  13. Ahh i sympathise with u also...its just my magic is made in/with peoples minds...and so therefore i can shift/change them to the ecxtent that they let me bring in the magic, only to the exctent that they believe in the posibility of real change
  14. Wow o.o ;/ How do u do a course corection in real life for people though? =]
  15. Vile


    anger is what overwhelms me...also how to make money in this world for myself??? without further hurting myself or others in the process...????? ;(((((
  16. Vile


    huh, that's Interesting, cause I have The Little Dipper on my left arm in Moles! (the exact replica of the stars alignment (I checked)!, there are even some stars around The Little Dipper that are also on my arm in moles :DD So does that mean we are from these constellations? and are we cousins then? ^^ =] cause u guys are familiar as hell to me...
  17. Vile

    Parallel Realities

    But Teal, paralel realities is nothing new in this world! I grew up in one, u did also, i think we all did (watching your materials Teal), who could never find a way to fit ourselves into the mainstream i am confused now, why its such a big deal now....again?

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