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  1. Those of us with spiritual maturity and who know how to check in with our own center are able to discern that you are a being of light. I am so sorry that there are those whose lack of ... something. Internal awareness? Lack of Peace? are on the hunt in this fashion. I just don't get it. But I see it everywhere. Social Media has become a place strewn with potential landmines. I see it a lot on YouTube -- I was a victim of it today on GabrielKundalini's channel. It is gross. But, in many ways it shows you are on the right track. Peace be with you. Love be with you. Wow. That is a REALLY b
  2. MuseKarin


    Thank you for the lovely recipe. I feel the same about cooking and nourishing my and others' bodies. It wasn't always the case, but once I started healing, I could tap into my inner cook and be creative in this way. I read this post on my bed with my copy of The Completion Process next to me. I want to dive into it, and I don't. I keep it next to me, hoping some of it will leach in by osmosis! I will pick it up and read it for certain, when I'm ready. The process is very like my own healing journey as guided by my higher self, starting in 2006. I'm excited to see many of the things I am
  3. I'm old-ish. Many of those movies already mentioned weren't out when I was young, but the old Disney animated Robin Hood was, and I saw it when I was five (1973!). I was obsessed with the soundtrack and with Robin and Maid Marian, plus the little rabbit who tagged along (Skippy). Ahhhh. I just saw Braveheart again the other day, and this movie re-touched my heart in some incredible ways (it's similar to Robin Hood in many ways). Wild. Yes. I am making total sense of that favorite movie now in light of my purpose. Thank you.

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