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  1. Where I want to be tonight.


  2. Siona de Stellis

    A mandala drawn with colored ink. There are incredible beautiful mandala coloring books available on the internet, I guess I'll treat myself with a new one once I've survived this work week. Little doodle of mine. It isn't really a feel-good drawing, nor super spiritual, but I felt like sharing.
  3. Hey there Next week I'm off to Czech for the Teal Tribe Gathering, but I'm free the 25th and 26th of July and then 29.7., 30.7., 31.7., 1.8., 2.8. So the end of July/beginning of August would be perfect for me. Please tag me as soon as we have a fixed date for the group talk. Merci!
  4. Siona de Stellis

    Oh I couldn't believe it is a real sculpture the first time I saw it, took me a few moments to realize this. It is so beautiful, if I'm ever visiting New York City I'll take a look at it for sure. Such an artwork. I wonder how the artist built a statue like this.
  5. Siona de Stellis

    And another one. Amazing installation by Steve Prachyl and one of my favorite sculptures: "Expansion" by Paige Bradley.
  6. Siona de Stellis

    Today I feel the need to get into mandalas again. Incredible relaxing and exactly what I need this week.
  7. I would love to join. Preferable on Skype. I'm in Austria, so CET.
  8. Siona de Stellis

    Oh it isn't mine. I found it on the internet a while a go, sadly without a source nor a name. ): But yes, I agree, it really does look marvelous! So a few more images, before I go to bed. It's almost 4am here and I have an awful loooooooot to do tomorrow.
  9. Siona de Stellis

    Oh, I like roses quite a lot, always reminds me of my grandmother, who has raised me the first 15 years of my life. Her name is Rosa, and —how could it be any different? — her favorite flowers are roses. She basically hoards them all year round.
  10. Siona de Stellis

    Since the lovely @Wind and I share an interest for Sacred Geometry —and I'm sure many others on this platform feel the same about spiritual art, as we do — we came up with the idea to open a thread on this topic. So dig out your Flowers of Life, your feel-good visuals, your handmade scribbles, or the beautiful artwork you've stumbled across on the internet lately and share it with us.
  11. Beautiful


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    2. Wind


      I love it too :) When I was around ten years old or so, I used to draw the flower of life with a compass, without knowing anything about it. I usually wear one around my neck :) 

      I found this that shows the Flower of Life inside the Metatron Cube.



      Wouldn't you like to open a thread for us to post art? :) 

    3. Siona de Stellis

      Siona de Stellis

      Really? -Wow that's fascinating. :)

      It is beautiful. I'm absolutely in love with the Metatron Cube. I find atm it resonates even a tiny bit better with me, than the flower of life. 

      That's a great Idea. I'm going to open an art thread in just a moment. ;) 

    4. Wind


      They somehow seem to be the same and/or seem to generate each other :)

      awesOMe! I'll meet you there :) 

  12. Siona de Stellis

    Mood of the evening.
  13. Siona de Stellis

    Stumbled upon this today.