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  1. Teal I have followed you for many years but I feel this time you drop the ball on this one. If you are going to talk about politics and social issues, please do your research before blogging about it. I have a few issues that I will write about in response with links to sources so that you can have a better-rounded perspective on the situation. Just because you are a spiritual teacher, I do not think makes you immune to propaganda. “We have watched our own president come out publicly to condemn the counter-protesters and be thanked publicly by the white nationalist leader David Duke. The shock in this country is palpable and so is the conflict.” As much as people dislike Donald Trump, it is not good to mischaracterize him. What happened is that he decried the violence on both sides. In addition, the so-called counter protesters were not simply peaceful protesters they were organized and are part of a violent communist group known as ANTIFA. Further proof of ANTIFA violence. You have been speaking about a brush fire engulfing the country and possibly the world more or less. I doubt and I hope that the brush fire that you have been talking about is not a communist revolution. I doubt I need to link here how much blood has been spilled in communist/socialist revolutions and anyone that supports those ideologies or believes they are better than the Nazis are either stupid or willfully blind. About the statues, yeah that can be up for debate but I do not believe that you racing history is the right way to go. Robert E Lee was originally a northern general. The Civil War was as most wars a multifaceted (banker funded) war and slavery was just a good issue to make sure Americans could willfully murder one another. It was the white Christian nations that were the first to abolish slavery. In addition, the Middle Eastern countries are and were the last to abolish slavery. “We might be the person who locks the car door when a black man walks by and the next day, attend a black lives matter rally.” Black lives matter is just as much a threat freedom and loving one another as white supremacist groups it is simply the other way around and does not make it any less racist. Black supremacy and white supremacy are the same. This is getting long so in closing if you are going to call out one side and hold one side of an issue to a standard, you must also hold the other side to the same exact standard. In my opinion Charlottesville was a false flag in order to cause further division in chaos in the country; we do not have to play their game we can choose peace instead. I am open to dialoguing with anyone that is in opposition or support of what I have presented. I do think that Teal does have a decent idea about people recognizing natural predispositions about people of different race. I personally think a better solution is for people to speak to the people from all perspectives, race, nationality, political ideology, spirituality etc. Humans can either fight or dialogue those are the only two options. Much love have a great week.
  2. Totally spot on about government; guilt and shame that surrounds the feeling of happiness as it relates to people's lives and abundance. When it comes to government, I tell people that systems are inherently heartless but what you can do is manifest the best people that represent that system in your life. You have to take what you like about the current system you are in and ways that it can be improved; but the first step is always to fill the gaps that you feel the system is in desperate need of yourself. I used to get really angry when I would see a happy couple walking around while I am single. Took me a long time to feel into that pain and deal with it, now I am happy to just see people laughing and smiling because it lets me know that happiness is possible, if they can have it I can have it and I do have it because to quote the Beatles you are me and we are all together. Great blog teal keep it up.
  3. The shadow of America truly is behind closed doors, I work at a company that sends me to look after special needs children in their home. Most of the clients are wealthy and they often hire me to watch of the child while the other family members go out on a saturday afternoon while the child is left with me. it is sad but also necessary these parents are exhausted. Totally get it Teal.
  4. My Ex recently sat down with me and told me how you (Teal) are dangerous for me the arguments always fall flat but the shame is difficult sometimes that is the shame they throw upon me for being associated with you. I stand strong and one of my goals is to go to the retreat and become a completion practice practitioner. They push only drives me closer to you. I have always been ridiculed and an outsider, if you were mainstream and accepted by everyone I probably would not be intrested lol. Much Love Teal I am with you.
  5. AWesome Love it! Go to a retreat is now added to my bucket list lol <3
  6. Loved it! Look forward to the 4th book.
  7. Being in LA I have had a fondness for oregon, now I know why. Thanks Teal for the clarity. Have a great time at the workshop!
  8. For me it is the movie Wayne's World. I watched it over and over again. My favorite character is Garth, just how socially awkward he is always resonates with me, but he is an excellent critical thinker and strategist. He comes alive with music , the same as me music has and always will be a huge part of my life. Party on!!
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