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  1. ehblasier


    Im not good at transitions either! Pobody's Nerfect ;) ;) Miss you girl! & So much Love your way.
  2. ehblasier

    Psychic Attack

    So sorry to hear and I hope youre feeling better.
  3. ehblasier

    Trusting Yourself

    Was thinking this today.
  4. ehblasier


    I Feel it too, Thank you Teal
  5. ehblasier


    ;) ;) ;) ! Love to You!!!!! xxxxx
  6. ehblasier

    The Voice of Women

    Teal, It was wonderful to see the expansion of your thoughts in the article after our discussion and earth shaking workshop. I hope you enjoyed it. I am not sure if you read these comments, but know I am happy that you are adding to the confidence in yourself and other women by letting these things out in the open, and challenging assertions that as women we are simply vessels for life that is not our own. Unbelievable that this reality is still alive and well among us. I was so sorry to hear of the struggle its given you, I strongly relate to your understanding of yourself as capable of many things other than the physical act of caregiving, and to the passion and purpose that drives those aspirations as a human being. I grieve with you for your losses. I feel able to support my women friends in a way that others find difficult, to let them feel capable and equal in their own power in a way that seems male, but in fact is not, and is so only in today's negatively hierarchical society. Your article was exemplary of this kind of factual striving and openness that we as women must* allow each other in order to grow. You should know and be reminded that I support your aspirations and "core pole" in a nonjudgemental and open manner. ;) I've written to you and Ale to thank you and I hope you receive a care package soon. So Much Love to You fellow striver-! Stay in touch for support. Emily ehblasier@gmail.com
  7. ehblasier


    Yes Teal I can only imagine how many different tasks you are doing, that must be so difficult, seems like you make it through very well, especially the daily switch from intellectual to non-intellectual activities, which must be one of the hardest parts of being a working mother. Hats off to you for bringing the great joy of a child into your life which comes with both time and emotional commitment. I hope next year is better for you as well, and that it becomes more manageable---I hope your team is efficiently taking on the extra work you've accumulated---Seems like there are many of them...? Time to check in with that? Are there any other ways you or someone else can think of to simplify your workday, or ease the anxiety that comes with the parenting/work dynamic? I'm concerned to hear that you are close to breakdown. Emily
  8. ehblasier


    Sorry to hear you're having a difficult week, I know the next one will be better & hope Winter heals soon!!!!!! EV
  9. ehblasier

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Great job everyone !!!
  10. ehblasier

    Relationship Bonding

    Aww, What a sweet little guy!
  11. Sorry to hear that you feel alone in this. Let us know what we can do to help. xx EB
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