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  1. Michael O

    Haunted Painting

    This is exactly what I was looking for Teal! As a painter I was always interested in the esoteric concept of imbuing a painting with it's owner's soul imprint. I came across video game in which an dark character entraps people in paintings. So much so that in a short time they loose vitality and find themselves captured in that painting. I've always dreamed of fusing my painting skill with this amount of esoteric usage. Though I fear exactly what you've said , it is the responsibility that automatically falls on the people who possess that painting and the as a creat
  2. Michael O

    New York Workshop 2014 - 2/2

    The flowers are dying someone do something, I saw this from the part 1 they were livelier
  3. Michael O

    Denial and Depletion

    This is so true actually, I can take all about the depletion and it's surprizing actually. The part about I've been sleeping al day and why I am still not able to continue doing stuff, That's me. As for denial I am not seeing it, can you be in denial about not having denial? I can't say I am not denial bc if I do I am in a blindspot about probably having it right? Thank you ! Really helpful!
  4. Michael O

    Personal Truth

    This is GOLD
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