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  1. Linked here! Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much, forgot to do that! https://www.facebook.com/groups/693409767690210/?ref=br_rs
  3. Hello everyone. There is also an international Facebook group called "Teal Tribe Adoptees"
  4. I was in Dublin last August and I totally fell in LOVE with the country and the people. Being an Orphan I have no idea what is in my DNA but there must be some Irish. I no longer drink Beer or Alcohol anymore either but I did have 2 Guinness' with My Guinness Stew at Dinner. Oh Hell YES, I will be back there with ALL OF MY SOUL!
  5. Amsterdam is ONE of my all time favorite cities. First I do not tolerate Cities very well. I can only handle Chicago for a few hours. NY and LA for 2 days tops. I am more of a wide open space kind of guy. In my circles the Dutch embrace their split better than most anywhere else. My kind of people. <3
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