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  1. Is this what’s happening with my hair trauma. I want my hair to live up to its full feminine potential, okay then we’re going to create scenarios where your hair gets rewounded so then u can notice what needs to be healed so you can live up your full feminine essence sometime in the near future. Hopefully
  2. Natasha Judith


    The hissy fit nope sesh is on!!!Love it!!!It sounds like something I’m likely to hear during PMS.Remember Teal, we’re in this together!!
  3. Natasha Judith

    Yoni Steaming

    This is what I need right now. A yoni steamer a shit tonne of girlie friends and a mooning pamper night
  4. Nomi nom. I use this recepie so often and in so many different ways. God I love chocolate and this fixes the Choccy cravings in such calming, uplifting way. Tak Teal or is it Takker ️
  5. Natasha Judith

    Ask Teal BTS

    Legit me in every little thing I decide to give a crap about. The highlight of perfectionism. The feels are real
  6. I'm scared cos I know what that means. Im sensitive so I might not survive this and that scares me cos I wanna see a world that is better than the on I came into and I might not get to see that in this perspective/life.
  7. Natasha Judith

    Boulder Mountain

    The energy in that place seems very uplifting
  8. I just would love to take the time to express my gratitude for sharing a small portion of your recepies. There amazing!!!
  9. Those are such good tips. Personally I'd love to be apart of an intentional community in the near future however I'm not ready for one yet. Mabie a couple of years of practise at uni and meeting my own needs and filling my own cup whilst around individuals will prepare me to manifest an intentional community after uni. However thinking of things I love to give people. I love to give people: *snacky food *a space to sing along *a space to rant and let their emotions run free and a space create something out of emotion *I like to take what people don't use, need or wear and turn it into something new. *I'm like a minimalistic Feng Shui master *I also like to clean with products with no chemicals in them like lemon, tee tree and bicarb *I love cleaning and tidying for people but just when not pressured, forced or pushed into doing so *I also love to find ways to be eco friendly *I also like making things for people Focusing on what I can give and what I already like to give to others is alot more exciting than worring about how I'm gonna get my needs met.
  10. Thank you Teal. Me and the amazing beings that I'm sharing my life with needed to hear this. Much Love. You have my deepest gratitude
  11. Mines a flowing river because its tranquil, it flows in the direction it needs too and its free to express itself
  12. Natasha Judith

    Teal's Son

    Teal your such an inspiration. When I have children by god I'm taking parenting tips from you. You are so inspiring to me.
  13. I so relate, I've over the course of my life people keep telling me that a task is done and finished and I'm like NO NO!! That's when they are like leave it man it's done and nomatter if I get whatever I'm doing up to standard I'm still not happy with it cos there is always something to do to improve whatever I'm doing, its like a constant urge to improve something . Even now I started dance Contempory I'm never happy with how far I've stretched it's like this obsessive compulsive need to stretch my body in deferent ways and further . Deffinatly got a bit of all or nothing syndrome which lands me in the shit, I so relate cos I'm super on edge all the time.
  14. Thank you Teal this is a tough nut for some individuals to swallow
  15. I'm prepping for uni but also prepping to not have physical and financial stability and ways to work around that. I'm also packing my belongings in one suitcase yes for uni also to not feel panicked having a lot of stuff to cart or leaving stuff behind when rushing anywhere. Unpacking and hoarding stuff always makes me nervous to start off with and now is like also acting on past trauma of not belonging but also prepping for things in the world to get hairy so as to mabie make space for me to create. Mabie even help create a new world around me

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