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  1. The world is the world and don't put the weight of it on yourself, and failure is on the journey to success. Every successful person has failed along the way. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. It doesn't happen overnight. Don't let this charlatan's bullshit scare you and please find someone sensible to talk to.
  2. No they don't and I'm not pushing for an economic collapse because of it. I've been all over this land in my 50 years, coast to coast, for both work and pleasure, and the vast majority of people in this country are soft and self centered. Sure...Montana and a few other states will be fine, but most will fold under pressure. We aren't the brightest group of people. Read the comment sections. Talk to people in public. Collectively speaking, we aren't that smart. We believe our anecdotally influenced feelings over hard facts. We fear science in this country and love not knowing things. You
  3. Look at the comments. Do these seem like robust people? Neither do most of my neighbors here in Ohio. Why don't you go first and elaborate in great detail on what you think an economic collapse will look like. Will it be a peaceful thing? or will we shed quite a few of our fellow crew members on Earth in the process? It seems your vision of freedom is narrow and we all must see it as you do. Good luck with that
  4. We both know none of these people commenting will make it in the world an economic collapse would bring. You wouldn't make it. Quit scaring these people and find a more noble hustle. Shame on you for spreading fear and presenting false dichotomies. and for anyone reading this: Freedom comes from within and only your mindset imprisons you

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