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  1. AJ_11

    Call To Action

    thanks Teal, I will follow your call
  2. Thank you Teal, some much needed clarity from you as always. Stay strong x
  3. AJ_11

    Going For Your Purpose

    What do you do if you really don’t have a ‘thing’ that you wouldn’t stop doing even if you had all the money in the world?
  4. AJ_11

    The Dark Crystal

    I finally watched this movie again last night for the first time in 15 years. I found it hilarious, beautiful and profoundly spiritual. Love it
  5. AJ_11

    LA Workshop

    Anyone know what the music is??
  6. AJ_11

    Childhood Story

    I was obsessed with Batman (Tim Burton version) from the age of 3! Been a bit a loner all my life and struggled to fit in in groups. I guess I prefer to stay in ambient places away from bright daylight and have always sensed the corruption in the world.
  7. AJ_11

    Lucid Dreams

    I had a lucid dream recently where I tried to fly, but when I started I could only fly up and not forward or down! Then eventually I came falling down into a massive lake water. It’s not the dream either where that’s happened.
  8. Amazing article Teal, I am grateful for how stern and open you are being about this situation. I feel that many people are falling on the sides of either blind optimism or total fear, without really seeing the bigger picture that you have provided here. Thank you and stay strong x

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