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  1. Teal, I would like to help you.x
  2. Loved it Spirit Fox, Loved the what you put within <3
  3. Epic Depth, comfortably Uncomfortable. Couldnt have put it better myself! Canada is like england in the early 90s <3
  4. loved it, although it is possible that there are pockets of these varying vibrational states everywhere. The contrast of amstedam to england was immense, i felt like amsterdam was much more authrntic on every level, people may not have had the pc correct false demeanour, but when they knew you had depth, they were truly interested...this is the opposite of the vibration i experience and see here in manchester/england. Alos..people in amsterdam were far less imposing and judgemental...i actually resented england when i got back, i felt like it was an arrogant souless vibe compared.
  5. Er Teal...Britain has been as friendly as any country can possibly be to immigrants for many, many years...I live right in the centre of england - Manchester...Nearly a quarter of the population here is foreign, this is one of the most mixed/tolerant cultures in the world, we dont have the same level of racial seperation and prejudice that you see in many american states, the way the police over there treat blacks is disturbing! Britain had one of the highest global standings of activism against the iraq/afganistan war and so on, england has moved much further with global integration than amer
  6. Steve S


    Teal, its really ok, you are my mirror, my soul loves you as deep as it can in this form. If we meet face to face, when you see my thoughts mirroring yours, words will lose meaning lol! Time will fold in on itself or some sht:)x
  7. Teal, the film was also one of the most powerful experiences in my childhood viewing. You re-awoken all the my childhood memories with this. Loved labrynth too.x
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