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  1. I listened to teals video and from what I understand she is talking about the two most damaging religions or doctrines. I understand that when she talks about Muslim religion being the most destructive. She is talking about Muslims who take their religion to the extreme are the most destructive than other religious people. I agree with that because we have seen radical Muslims that blow themselves up. Now, this doesn’t mean all Muslim people are destructive or radical. This is what Elohim has not bee able to See. Also, it is true Mormons are very secretive and have lots of power. You just have to research or live in Utah and see all the crap Mormon leaders get away with. Just recently the Mormon movie director was sentenced to jail for abusing little children. This man was a prominent business man, Mormon leader and was considered worthy to enter the Mormon holy temple, now he is jail. There are more cases like this one and lots of information on all the crap Mormon leaders do, in my experience is mostly Mormon leaders involved in this stuff. Most me,bears don’t even know what is happening. This is the reason there are many Mormons who are nice good people. But ultimately, these Mormon leaders abuse their power and damage others, including their own people. They keep their members in darkness with the inability to question or trust their own judgement. I live in Utah. I see this everyday. I still choose to be nice to Mormons and Muslims who are nice and not crazy radicals.
  2. Good question. I have thought about this myself. I do t believe in cutting America into pieces. America is the whole continent. Big and beautiful north and South America makes a whole America. I will say we live in the US but America is the whole continent. We should not cut in half the mother land.
  3. If you want to call Connie Muslim sympathizer, should we call you Muslim hater then? Should we just hate each other? Is this what you suggest? I wonder how this would make things better.
  4. Great comment. I went to school with Muslims and they were mostly nice people. It’s only those who become extreme and radical that cause problems. I also have catholic friends who were very nice. And I have mormon friends who were very nice too. There are nice people everywhere.
  5. If America is so great, then why many Americans also live America? What a stupid questions man. There are so many reasons to leave a country that have nothin g to do with religion. Anyway, let me spell it for you. Most countries are great. People leave because they have bad governments, corrupt leaders, violence, not because their country is not great. Even here in America people leave too. I have a friend who is selling his house and moving to Spain.
  6. Yeah What a disgusting comment from Elohim. What a jerk. I guess that from Elohim comments I could say all Americans are jerks, but because I’m not an idiot, I know that not all Americans are jerk, some are nice Americans and some are elohims. If I have to be fair, I’ll say not all Muslims are the same. I know there are Muslims who are terrorists but I have met Muslims that were very nice people. Elohim is the one in denial cause he wants all Muslims to be evil terrorists instead of having rh courage to see that not all Muslims are terrorists. Who is denial there? Can’t you see that? It’s just so stupid to say that all Muslims are terrorists, same as it is stupid to say all Americans are Jerks.
  7. I think the problem here is that Elohim doesn’t like the reality that many American Christians are not real Christians. Teal tells the truth about it, but she never said they were evil people. She said these so called Christians are unconscious, meaning they can’t see or realize that they preach love and Christianity but they support war and violence. Their words don’t match their actions. When someone can’t see themselves as they really are, they cannot make changes.
  8. Hey Elohim, all religions can be dangerous, not just Islam, I live in Utah and Mormons do some crazy stuff some times. But also, there are good things about religions as well. Religion is more a tool that can be used for good or for bad. And one thing, “freedom isn’t free”, this idea is something that has been taught to Americans but is not entirely true, it depends. We are all born free without making any sacrifice. The only sacrifice you have to make to have freedom is when someone takes your freedom away using military power, only then you have to fight for freedom. See what I mean? There are poor countries no one cares to invade. They have freedom and don’t have to fight for it or make any sacrifice. The reason we have to fight for freedom is that men take it away from us. The false idea freedom has a price is to justify spending money in military equipment. People who believe this idea doesn’t mind when the government spends tons of money in military. Religion can blind people to reality in the same way false ideas blind people to reality. Maybe is you who needs to move to a little country to see how other people have freedom without making sacrifices.
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