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  1. Miranda Havard

    Blue Lotus

    Saw it and bought it ASAP lol love ya
  2. Miranda Havard


    Yes last night I expected that my daughter would be asleep by 9:30 well it took her till 10:30 pm to sleep which meant that I was going to be up and extra hour doing my sign language work sheets I make. I was super angry and didn’t want anyone or anything around me. My husband was up at 1:30 am and my dog kept buggin me for food and wanting let out. I am aware of my enmeshment trauma and when others are around I feel suffocated. And this made me angry that I could not get what I wanted done in a reasonable time Frame . Then I could not fall asleep till 5am, my husband was awake during the same hours as I was, which drove me nuts because I wanted to hear my own thought and not feel him or his needs. Which happens when other are around . I really expect that from 10:30 till 12:30 I will have some time. Hoping everyone is in bed . But I did. It happen last night and it sucks feeling like I can’t do anything until I’m alone. I have a hard time being motivated to do anything when others are around me. I shut down and do nothing or I run around trying to anticipate what they want or need. My whole life feels like this every day. Either completely useless to myself or doing for others . It sucks . I am aware of it and still try to do things I want to do but I’m still very much enmeshed day to day. I will try to be aware if my expectations of myself and others in the next few days thank you
  3. Hey Teal ....love this new grid....I was wondering if you would ever do a house tour as an update? I’m a big tiny homes fan and love looking at the inside of ppls home and obviously I’m a fan of your work.. just thought it would be a cool idea for a daily update or something....love you guys
  4. My mom made really good meals but I loved it when we had banana milkshakes, bLT wraps, English muffin pizza, roast beef Yorkshire pudding Gavey mash spuds, prawns and garlic butter, my mom would also wake me up in the middle of the night if her and her hubby would make appies ... I was spoiled .
  5. Miranda Havard


    Hey Teal and team I am curious if you guys will ever create a spot on your web site where you keep all your you tube videos incase they get taken down? I wonder if at some point we will be banned from watching them on YouTube. Love you guys ...trying not to pull that reality out way...but just curious if you have a back up plan
  6. What’s so funny is last night I was recognizing in my self how resistant I am to every thing in my life. I’m resistant to my job, my family, the people around me, my child, my dog, to myself. I am not the happy go lucky person I once was. Becoming aware has made me a bit harder and so this is perfectly in Alignment with me.
  7. My issue with pushing against what I don’t want is mostly fb fights...between the mask debate, and falling into the abyss of social media. I try and show others my side and am have only gotten push back. I’m in this place of trying to be authentic, while having a voice, and making ppl aware of what’s going on in the world. Most ppl have stopped following me, or engaging in conversation. I was never this way before but get that what I was doing meant I cared about others. Maybe it’s time to just focus on myself and stop trying to create awareness about the dark parts of the world. I’m trying to control the narrative but it’s definitely pushing against me.
  8. Miranda Havard


    Last night I was in such a bad mood but trying to act like I wanted to help take care of everything in the house. When all I really wanted to do was be taken care of. I tried to make a nice meal for the family but it went to shit lol. I was stressed and could not get it together mentally. I was trying to be kind and caring while in my head I was having a meltdown. So I’m definitely feeling this . Thanks teal
  9. Miranda Havard

    Ear Candle

    We let one burn by itself and it was the same as if we did it in our ears. My husband used them for years but we didn’t find them useful personally. But to each their own .
  10. Teal and team I just checked my fb and there is an article on WION network about asteroid passing earth....one big one and 3 small ones ...:insert mind blown emoji Holy moly girl
  11. Wow mind blown....I’m feeling all of this for sure....I have been waiting so long to see these structures and power grabs crumble and ppl creating a better place for all ....I can’t wait for a brighter future for humanity....love you all
  12. Did you see all the orbs in this video? I’m excited and nervous for your 2021 prediction...I listen to them multiple times throughout the year...you are always bang on....Thank you so much for what you do..I’m hopeful for a better future for the earth, humanity and the animals....ever since I was a child I knew something big was going to happen in my thirties...and I guess this was it....I asked the universe to let me have my daughter before this happened and yes I had her 4 years ago. The universe does listen ....I’m looking forward to unity in the collective....love to you all ....
  13. Thank teal ..I would say that I have noticed things lately and have been talking with my sisters about our childhoods. Looking at my father and why he was/Is so strict and how my mom uses money, gifts, god and doing things for us, as a manipulation tool. Thanks for the heads up ...love to you and your family.
  14. I watch a lot of conspiracy theories, Q anon, Trump, Teal, lee Harris, I stay away from MSM but I see the fear that my box is creating. I feel that I am trying to expose the corrupt leaders and ppl in governments. I do not want a dystopian future for humanity. So should I be letting go of this ?
  15. Miranda Havard


    Crazy...I used my frequency deck last night and did a relationship reading and the card I pulled was Truth Reversed...as my second card... which said in a nut shell...that I am obsessed with the truth and knowledge, that I feel unsafe when I don’t know something. I think what I know is objectively right or wrong. And that I am only concerned with right or wrong...and that I need to be open to alternative truths...this is all very true to me...It had been an obstacle in my relationship with my partner...I have been obsessed with truth the last 4 years trying to expose the deep state and crimes against humanity. The universe is telling me to take a step back and start focusing on my goals . I have been in limbo for a long time. I’m just taking the first steps in that awareness now. Hopefully the future is a bright one for all. Love you teal thank you for the gift of awareness you have brought too myself.

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