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  1. P.P.S. Ohhhh I forgot to tell you On my Instagram story I made a little dedication for your birthday if you like to visit my name is zajnav I like it a lot and think it might please you as well
  2. P.S. As you are wearing a frequency top I remembered to have imagined as I was dressing a fashion Hawaii style short sleeve shirt that it would be beautiful to have a such but made from an all over frequency painting fabric. Happy Birthday Yours, Vanja**
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TEAL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU**** I wish you Teal Swan best health, joyful curiosity, ever growing glowing love and strength to believe in your dreams come true**I pray you may be enchanting us with your wisdom, serious advice and beautiful laughter for another 100 years. Well I will be somewhere else by then but I am certain the ones after me will love you in every way and I will stay by your side maybe not visible or maybe yes for certain people like those with your eyesight So let’s talk business hahaha I like Henri
  4. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Thank you for sharing your experience! So next time I will ask them! I’m leaving behind my engraved fear of perceiving myself as crazy when doing such things while of others I never think to be out of their minds when talking about by the Common Science System not accommodated circumstances
  5. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Hellou, thank you so very much for your insight and gem stone suggestions. Ha I even have some of those wow, I mean I only have very few. Yeah the smoke Quartz did stir my Solarplexus even to an audible degree and then some very old, physically heart pain felt loss came up against all expectations. Your crystal knowledge is holy freaking fantastic! Well after having heard you my long session in bed this morning going through so many things that I came to understand and transformed made even more sense. yeah Teal how can I become more sensitive if the gems are taken from the earth in a dec
  6. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Blank Slate

    I would love to live with and learn from you, be at your service with all my powers to one day leave this Planet as a kinder one than the way it was when I encountered it (I ain’t talking about earth but about the Homo sapiens sapiens; will there be a homo arteficialis and have grown while I enjoyed my life
  7. Holy goddess yesss, everything is beautiful, creating out of the mess. It is so inspiring creating out of chaos maybe my uneasy childhood trained me to thrive then when everyone else is being disturbed by uncertainty I start to feel alive hahahah well I truly enjoy to see the bright side, as the dark was always my home, just not consciously the transmutation gives me pleasure like playing a game when I was a child. So hell, great your Video on Mercury retrograde, thank you! Absolutely, let’s get the party started and see what wants to be seen and drag on the scene the obscene we love
  8. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Blank Slate

    P.S. Oh I couldn’t go about my day without having told you about one of my favorite quotes by Jacques Lacan “It is and stays the most revolutionary act to always say out loud, what is” If I spontaneously manifest on earth *U* yeah and about admitting!!!! This is what I always thought and think could bring forth true democracy, if we force people who speak in public to really say why they proclaim and stand in for those things they say, to truly know about the intrinsic motivation. And this should be done towards everyone, be part of every interview, no matter if a CEO, an artist o
  9. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Blank Slate

    Hellou Teal, hellou Cassio, well I would try to get hired by you I thought at first, as I love saying the things as they are especially because I am good at and have most of the time not been appreciated for it but then I am not a journalist, some of my philosophy Profs said my writing to be journalist style though still, I don’t function that way….hmmmm so are you moving to LA? When I was younger in my moments of anger I thought about to go to Hollywood and call on those ppl. in the Showbiz to finally stop cooperating with the fake flake brainwash program and talk about the truth inste
  10. Hey Teal, thank you for sharing this!!!! It has been very difficult for me to loosen the intensity of my relationship with my sister because I couldn’t decrease the degree of my responsibility towards the decisions she took, takes and wants to take about her life. For very long it felt as if I didn’t do enough otherwise she certainly would make a change as she is suffering and as you explain mirrors me my being stuck and not being able to integrate in order to change. Since I decided to let her have her way also because “their” ways of behaving towards me hurt too much I realized to have
  11. when you press english after having selected CC on the lower right side of the video you can choose subtitles
  12. Dearest Teal, what a joy to see you live, with little delay but close enough to real time so I could see you are doing well and dwell on perceiving your enchanting being. I believe you love this painting as I imagine you to love when things, people and circumstances are more and more taking the directions of their true inherent nature, to reveal the secrets of existence and by doing so unravel more of that which is not yet, whispering about the unknown to make us dream it into reality. Hmmmm since a week everything seems strongly in sync and yesterday was obviously the start of the e
  13. Huuuuulk time for buldozing ** Ha I had my first completion process session with a practitioner here in the land of the Swizz yesterday and f u c k a being who was a companion for almost all of my life did bulldoze itself by saying that it will leave and me not needing it anymore!!!! Well I realized its bulldozing of themselves today and invited it back if it wanted to, which it happily accepted. So thank you very much for this update, you gracious being* Yeah no creation of sequences on a quantum level we do not estimate rather manifestations that follow (with) our conscious decisi
  14. Vanja Zucchiatti

    March 2020 - Live Q&A

  15. P.S. Why can you not eat chickpeas?

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