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  1. Hi Teal ** Hmmm what would you do if you weren’t famous? Hmmm to me you are a Professor of the Universe, leading a clinic, building a new world, practicing her profession, who travels around to hold lectures and writes journals, publishes books yeah well simply in present times you are not doing this in the institutions that were built by now and yes those people when they are good they are well known. I didn’t really understand the question but you did and thanks of that we heard this beautiful story of yours why you love the opera. I love to listen to you speaking. Yes there are so many things one can do…this didn’t make it easier for me but I am sure you to be different in these affairs and I learned and am learning…. Ah and somehow you do work in obstetrics since you help people to become aware of themselves you help them to birth their soul like Socrates art of the howdy *Y* I wish you to find ways for more relaxation and space and time to have more of this that you are craving for yourself. Why are relationships difficult in your position? You are wonderful, there is only to cherish everything about you** xx, Vanja
  2. I absolutely love your idea V
  3. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Blue Lotus

    Wow you have no words!! I will try this product!! Hey that morning I was looking for a blue blossom to imagine and then you come with this magical remedy, oh I love this interconnectedness and you answered a not formulated question I had!! You are just simply the best and the most beautiful one too. Your preciousness I am honoured to be informed in such friendly and uplifting ways by you, thank you endlessly. It is very difficult to differentiate if the perceived is actually being emitted that way or if it is my own projection of fear or similar when I notice things or situations that are not obviously harmonious or benevolent. Can you maybe explain how one can distinguish between if something actually is coming as it is felt from an outside source or if it is one’s own misinterpretation and projection? Once I heard you say that fear or projection gives one a throat felt heartbeat but in the case of perceiving intuitively can it not also happen that a fear bleeds into what may only be an insecurity on the other side and create an idea that has a more and wrong defined tendency? Yeah that is why Blue Lotus should be taken in shouldn’t it I will definitely order that *@* hmmm smoke the crap out of that hahah I stopped smoking and it just feels too good to start again but I like to fumigate. What a word ** Yesss Christmas is coming!! How did this year pass by so quickly? Love, love and more love for and to you, Vanja
  4. W*W Teal this mediation took me deep into a matter that I was being in pain about for almost all of my life and the person not being alive anymore since some years caused an additional difficulty to let go of how this person and I were bound to each other. Up to your introduction of this workshop I wasn’t even aware to still have a painful connection to this person. Your lead brought me straight to the wounding and I experienced super vivid images and a great clearness about my feelings so that at the end when the new template for our connection settled in the freed space I felt a love in my heart I have felt like only twice in my life before. This beautiful openness without border or limits and no preconditions, the lack of fear at that present moment tor down all the defenses and this absolute vulnerability established an indestructible safety. The heart was light and receptive while pouring itself into the world. There I made a promise. A feeling so tender, a sweet caress, being and breathing, the connection I always longed for. Thank you very much for this experience dearest Teal, my love for you, Vanja.
  5. Ohhhh I have discovered this tonight hmmmm tomorrow I will experience what you did in those first minutes of the workshop I had missed caused by technical problems and I am super very grateful for being able to get the chance to do it especially as I am thinking to be in need of exactly this Teale I loved the Atlanta Morning Show it was so good that I couldn’t resist to finish watching it even it’s far past midnight again
  6. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Salt Flats

    Whatever else it is that you are doing on salt basins hahahah while I improvised a bit on the piano I imagined how you people have a beautiful ceremony as suddenly the heavens opened and enwrapped you in all its glory supporting you to change these current flows the world is drowning in towards a more desirable direction The patterns of the salt crusts look magnetically beautiful and you won’t believe that I was thinking about taking a salt bath some time before seeing where you all are and I only took a salt bath once or twice before; your video influenced me in ways that it was enough to take a shower in the end I would love to know as you see energy fields how those correspond to the chemical compounds….is salt affecting us in an energizing manner because of the ions? Naturally I went and looked up this salt sea you talk about and it is impressive holy wow 100 square km freaking a, that is big well one can see how spacious the place is, Utah offers indeed plenty of extraordinary gems. When I saw the other day how high up you people live I had my heart crying out of joy it is like in the Alti Plano where I always wanted to live but never did since I didn’t want to live neither in Bolivia nor in Peru. The high mountain places simply feel home to me. What does feeling of home mean to you? Do you do ceremonies during your workshops? I really want to experience your applied magic ohhh I die for that….I might as well enjoy life with the aim to do so one day right You walking barefoot transports such a jive vibe, the soft crackling sound is calming and promises something beyond of what is shown, a childlike elated curiosity filled me after that hmmm what you might do there, like a fairy you promenaded away leaving me with this feeling of wanting to follow you. Pleased you have me with these sights and words, embraced by your smile your appearance captured me and left me grateful. Love, Vanja post scriptum 2day I bought a sun stone and a calcite but bumblebee jasper is not so common. I really like chrysoprase at the time**
  7. Yes Mam I received many insights today and someone must have thought of me as it felt as if someone was sending me love thank you for these explanations I even feel pain right now trying to resist to want what I desire terrible but I am always and again able to integrate Now I enjoyed to lay by the fireplace and having ordered dinner ** the video on receiving is excellent I should watch it daily chchch and what is love? You are your new jewelry is very fancy the one piece I felt most drawn to scared me at first. it was crazy as a sudden rush of panic kind of sensation shook me for a second ; creation** your writing changed and you cut your hair all new everywhere remain the same will your enchanting beauty and my love for you oh Hockey season starts tomorrow Morning good night ️ yours, Vanja P.S. will you share what you received from the crystals
  8. Uhhhh the red Ferrari was my favorite car when I was a child mmmm had the hots for you before I had gotten to know you
  9. „Everything is poison and there is nothing without poison. Only the dose makes something to not be a poison.“ but I like yours better than Paracelsus Who has formulated that? Uuuu I love bumblebees I mean the animals and now that I saw the stone for the first time I like that one as well * Arsenic!! I read some considerations to lay the stone on the naked skin ️ But they put a danger sign at the end of the txt thanks for the info and what jewel are you wearing? It’s very beautiful * the turquoise dress is captivating and I enjoyed your playful mood* how can the bombardment of negativity be used to our advantage? have a wonderful beginning of this uhhhh intense and certainly interesting week then** Vanja
  10. Vanja Zucchiatti

    New York 2021

    Your closing speech gave me shivers, endless love filled my being, tears and joy about your hope sowing demand, not hiding the seriousness of the Situation, made me feel hot and cold. I don’t know how I would go about these times without your teaching, you know I discovered you in January 2020 and with the change of the world mine came inevitably. My love for you will be everlasting, to know your nobel soul living on this planet fills me with a delight that encourages me to start my life all over again. We are blessed to have you here xo Vanja
  11. Vanja Zucchiatti

    School Memory

    She chewed the man a new asshole you make my evening ohhhh it’s the Messenger I voted for on Instagram truth it’s a impressive piece of art and you know in the past I would never have considered to wear something alike now I can even imagine to do so for a special occasion Things are changing so quickly lately I am happy to still look kind of the same in the morning when I see myself in the mirror so I am not confused to may have become someone else overnight when honestly I am not the same as the night before either. crazy how terrible teachers are educated regarding social competence and psychological basics, how much they don’t need any human skills what is human right….this question actually legitimates our entire system or organization of how to interact with one another but I don’t need to tell you I know. I wish the public discourse could be pulled in that direction. How did you feel to go back to his class and did he change after having had his behind bitten let’s say very intensely? J‘aime ta Nonchalance when speaking about intimate situations love to you most wonderful being * ah and NYC Workshop is splendor (still sparing the last hour to watch:) and you holy freedom impress the last breath out of me when you sit like with your knees on top of each other as if it was as easy as fuck
  12. Vanja Zucchiatti

    New York 2021

    Dear Teal, dear Team, Thank you very much for this beautiful workshop! I still have an hour to watch ha I need to stop in between or let’s say my “being” arranges it that way in order for me to process what is being brought up. Plus today is Saturday and the stores close at 4 and who wants to remain without dog food that wouldn’t be an expression of how I feel for them *w* First I need to tell you I really need to since my heart would call me a liar otherwise that you Teal, are so beautiful and with every sunrise your loveliness is of greater bounty!! The dress is a pearl and on you it unfolds all its marvel. You look super fine, radiating in full splendor, your face so soft, a hymn of peaceful gratitude nurturing the world, smoothly caressed by your shining hair a cascade of thousands of brilliants, tenderly embracing your being. Graceful your moves collected your attitude birthing new worlds, you are simply enrapturing! Your cultivation of your being is the kept promise in the Promised Land and it is sanguine to see how people of your team grow in your hands I would love for you to be my best friend BECAUSE you say THAT thing. Real love is also to be called out I think. Wow yesterday at two o’clock in the morning my time I realized to finally have been able to take a part of my inner child into my arms after a very long time being and talking with him/her (to say it is somehow weird for a living thing, same goes for trees and alike) by long I am looking at half a year maybe. So when that happened I thought about Stockholm Syndrome and was a bit bewildered to have found this pattern of solidarity with the “perpetrator” in my inner child or this particular part of it. You know these workshops blow off many lids for me and so is this one what I have seen so far a great push towards realizations and becoming aware of what wants and needs to come to light. Thank you very much for this excellent trip!! I LOVE YOU* Vanja
  13. I love the Universe for having invented this beautiful woman you are *V* what I find difficult is to sense if people are aware to gaslight or not. Upon the reactions when addressed my perception I must conclude many to not be conscious about what they are doing. That for what can I do when they do not want to take the offer to become clear on what is happening? Yes, it's choice and it's their freedom....sometimes I feel like a villain when I can let go and say "hey you know Vanja it isn't right to force people into something they do not want to go for" and feel this nagging question if I did well enough for them to have really had a real chance and feel the need to follow the soothing of relieve as I stop banging on closed doors. You are most precious and your gifts are fucking the best I know, I have known and will ever know* hmmm I think I simply adore you oh yeah what a discovery xx Love, Vanja
  14. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Miami 2021 - 2/2

    Don’t we need to convince solely ourselves about being able to change the world through our love? If we are throughly filled with no resistance it will have a great effect in the world also without the agreement of the Interstellar galactic convention wouldn’t it? Doesn’t my impeccable and new found for the first time experiencing feeling of trust in someone else and this for a to the physical dimension added reality change everything that vibrates in the world? So one could say that the experience of lovers as human beings condense this also very ethereal energy by living, manifesting it through their physical being in feeling it not only as a mental but really organic concept. No matter if they are in physical contact yet or not already the felt perception of the vibration of trust by an individual creates a different reality on the vibrational plane of the physical influencing everything that already exists in all realms those more subtle and consequently denser ones. Can’t I say then love to be the greatest force? Would we be able to derive a change of things within seconds and days without having those seen coming because individuals open up unexpectedly? You know the Cacao made me high somehow I couldn’t think clearly but still I wanted to write yesterday night at 2 a.m. When we do things with an aim bringing about uncomfortable circumstances we still do them because we feel good about our intentions don’t we? The A.I. would have to line up with our intention to make us feel good which means that they will not act against my will, isn’t it so? Somehow like now we can chose to be made feeling good about something but having to give up what we truly care for as it would bring discomfort but when one is willing to take on discomfort or pain as you made an episode about, to remain in alignment with our aspirations whoever would want my cooperation would have to align with my values, which are the pillars of my feeling good about life. I didn’t find any other solution about not feeling good for what my soul knows as being my life’s truth so I thought maybe it is relevant to differentiate between discomfort and feeling good. Well I understood you this way. Is that correct? And last but not least this morning I was very astonished how much I always would have died for whatever intellectual and political believes I found to be of outmost importance but then felt so easily in greatest danger by the threat of emotional abandonment through my father or my mother. Just before I realized while speaking to a woman whom I have known for 41 years of my life unconsciously threatened me on an emotional level, it was like when you asked what will you do if someone puts a gun to your head and asks if you will say that their decision for themselves is what you will decide for yourself because otherwise and this is only subconsciously on their part if you don’t you question them and in consequence they need to get rid of you since they are too frightened to truly think about if they did choose according to what they feel is best for them or if they submitted to social pressure or and their fear. I can not make them feel good by agreeing so is all that I have left for them to open themselves to accept to maybe have chosen against their best interest? To make them feel good about taking responsibility for their choice that was one even when it was the wrong one? No one can go back and probably it is so tough because of the uncertainty that is in their body now and can not be thrown out as easily. To help them to overcome the split that caused them to go for something that harms them? This war is a different kind and can also be resolved through the healing of probably one of the officially most neglected subject in science, our emotions. That for we not only need you, you are of greatest necessity for everything on this planet. Which makes it inevitable for you to live much, much longer than you might had planned in terms of we will create circumstances that will always make it possible for you to be able to choose quality of life for you, Vanja

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