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  1. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Adorable Teal

    You are the most adorable! What a beautiful material your Danny’s are to still look good in such a way after all these years. You already knew what you wanted with 2 weeks of age, really a beautiful story almost fairy tale like. London calling it’s the end of the world!! Luckily everything went well* Yes these are nice and seem calming, I have never seen ooze tubes before and again, you are very super special adorable! I imagine you starring at the slow movement of this thick liquid breathing deeply **U** When I get tired I start softly caressing my own cheeks, slowly and in a way on
  2. Dear Teal, thank you for this explanation. As I woke up this morning I didn’t feel anything, my body was numb, uncomfortable and very unusual, something I do not know to remember, I only knew that it was about not wanting to feel but what, I asked myself. Your words brought to me the sadness I had hidden, the loss of the confidence due to slipping perspectives. There is going to be a future for sure just not a predictable one, which it is never anyhow but this time it is more obvious since the impossibilities overweight short term we do feel it truly in our bones. And you won’t believe as
  3. Vanja Zucchiatti


    my mental agility , be open to change my thoughts right away, accept the preceded action or thought as not so aligned ability to love, my passion towards life even when i feel as if I have a depressed side in me, oh yeah oh yeah, to be highly creative and know about the sense of everything even when highly angry and not understanding fuck! Have the strength or wisdom to perceive beauty in everything sooner or later ahahahah to not be able to condemn anyone or anything for too long; the one love thing was implanted, I don't remember to have decided for it and I remember to have always felt t
  4. P.S. I wish your hand to get well soon, arnica (n.) plant genus of the borage family, native to central Europe, 1753, Modern Latin, of unknown origin. Klein suggests Arabic arnabiyah, a name of a type of plant, as the ultimate source. <3<3
  5. Halleluja * just now I watched your Facebook Video about Integration* Wonderful**** millions of thank yous. Once before I heard it and I needed to hear it again as my memory left it somewhere inactively, every act ever was done out of the intention to make one feel better! This makes the approach how to understand an action that is maybe emotionally difficult to follow a lot easier. I always wondered if I needed an actual example or if I can integrate an abstract entity, which emotionally wasn’t to grasp ahahahahah so I need a tangible example to be able to feel, see & understand that
  6. Vanja Zucchiatti

    A Closed Door

    Hai* Wears an adult diaper ahahahaha and what does it mean to not be able to hold stuff in? No filter so totally f…raw wow that can be rough but also lots of fun* I wish I would go to bed at eight and wake up at 4!!!!! This is like my dream schedule because I love to get up with the sunrise! From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. would be awesome already but since this freaking corona stuff I have a really messed up schedule I somehow can’t change it even when I sleep 4 hours or less! Actually it is the same time you wake up and go to sleep just 8 hours ahead!!!! I am really trying and see it is alr
  7. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Hello, your eyes are beautiful even when you are disappointed* yes, sadness and questions for breakfast, tears after dinner, in between insights, understanding, anger and breathing out, there is always a way. To me it was mega important to know how I co-created the experience of disappointment yes the danger of self-blaming is present, though how can I learn without the acceptance of the causation, taking the teaching as a member of the human collective** Shortly self-doubt made me question the rightness of my desire…..always the same story but life is inventive so at least it a
  8. Wow what an insight! Thank you very much. Oh Van der Meer or Vermeer’s how he is preferably called painting carries the girls thought form!!!! I wasn’t aware of hunted objects so to speak; a thought form that perceives and brings forth thought. The word haunted gives me a weird feeling and the idea of a thought form carried by things is somehow bewildering, not frightening maybe kind of daunting because new to me but as you explained certain to have positive intentions the imagination of having such objects at home was less disquieting. Especially when I think of the Buddha statue and our brie
  9. Vanja Zucchiatti


    And my resistance is: a photograph what else why go easy Urnasche, Member of the Tempelsingers of Mari out of the book „Ur,Assur and Babylon“ by Hartmut Schmökel; it is the Book I never brought back to my greatest history teacher The left breast is corroded, as well as her left underarm and her right hand.... uffff yes this does give me a riddle Vanja
  10. Vanja Zucchiatti


    When on my feet and dressed I will walk into that room with the question in my heart and to the shelf to see what I haven’t been hearing. For now I will lay to sleep and travel through the night Love to you super precious *
  11. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Yo bro appendix.... what about it? Are you reading about it being inflamed .... what is on Fire within you? There is a message it’s indirectly..... lay down and let your thoughts free.... repeat your question and then the answer given by the book....
  12. Hellou, yeah Blake you could teach many of us. As an ex squatter I lived in communities that were fun and good, great teachers but in the end always a bit disillusioning so you can probably give greatest advice how to act before a certain dynamic circle of lose lose sets in. Blessed are those kids getting your teachings Teal…..greatest idea. As you spoke about your novel you explained that many people see themselves separate from homeless or street people. I find it hard to understand because during many years to me and no matter if I was travelling or here in my hometown, some of th
  13. Vanja Zucchiatti

    Making Soap

    My sistas daughter Vittoria and I rode around the table with the hobby horses listening to Christmas songs; Christmas was obviously swirling in the air yesterday *The forgotten memory of this scent in the houses in the darkest days of the year as you explained to Winter revealed this magic I have always felt during this season and lit my fire of love for it burn stronger and brighter. Your son is super cute, so tender, I felt such a warm emotion in my heart as I watched him, I find him very cool and he is doing a great job! I imagine it to cost quite an effort to be sensitive and step in f
  14. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Helou * there is no such a thing as a hobby is there. The things we like to do in our spare time, the things we do often apart from work I needed to redefine this term for myself as I never understood to have a hobby or the idea of it. That for I summarize all my activities that I like to do a lot but not 8 hours a day or more for most of the days of my life as hobbies. Like you said, those are things one loves to do and belong into one’s life so are an expression of one’s life; a way or style of living. Being truly helpless cause I never understood or felt life like job and hobby I looked f
  15. Vanja Zucchiatti


    Hey you, There was this lurking shadow waiting for me and I felt it though something kept it hidden, even it was biting my ass, scratching my skin, the voice within told me, now, now, now but I told it to wait and wait, this was to do and that until you appeared ahhhhh there is no such thing as to resist you, why would I if it is such a pleasure to give into the treasure of passion. So I laid down and started to talk to this appearing subject. A first, a second, a third my lord sometimes it doesn’t stop a new and a new comes up! Hey what else it is getting better and better as you say god
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