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  1. My favorite is the Big island, because of Mauna Kea. It is one of my top 2 favorite places i've been to spiritually, the other being Newgrange. I wish Teal had talked about the big island specifically and not just hawaii in general. Like which places on the big island have the best energy etc. I guess she will someday, i'll just have to wait. Although I haven't been to Maui yet, it will probably be too feminine/waffle energy for my long term plans. But still it being the embodiment of the earth heart chakra is too profound to not consider.
  2. Aengus

    Snow Moon

    Think im gonna go cry or something, it will probably be a couple years like when im 20 or 21 that Teal will know who i am since we will be fellow spiritual teachers. Maybe she'll recognize me from the 2 times i've seen her in person in San Francisco and Dublin.
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