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    I NEED ADVICE Hiiii, I feel kinda awkward and ashamed to write this, but I really need advice... There is a guy...... Which I kind of like? I think? He just broke up with his girlfriend and called me while he is on holiday, saying he liked me, that he hadnt eaten in three days because he was so nervous to tell me and if I wanted to go on a date with him. I said yes, but have been freaking out about it. He is the most honest person I know and I havent been. I've never had a real relationship and have been waiting to have sex until I met someone special. BUT, and this is the part that sucks to say, he thinks I have had sex with 3 guys, which I kind of totally indirectly directly conformed. I dont even know why and I feel so fucking stupid that i did that. What should i do???:( I cannot lie, but i dont know if i can tell the truth. WHAAA Much love, Mikaela