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  1. Litschichen

    Amsterdam 2016

    Who of you guys is gonna invent that dating app?
  2. Litschichen

    Orlando 2016 - 1/3

    Oh my god I so much relate to this girl who Wakes up with another personality each time when she digs deeper.
  3. Litschichen


    I refuse to accept that I alone do actually have all the responsibility for my life and my daughter’s life right now, when the healing experience I so desperately long for is to not be in charge of everyone’s life for once and not carry the burden of constant responsibility. Because I refuse to take the responsibility of creating a life where there is actually less responsibility on me, I am passive and feel powerless a lot of the time.
  4. Litschichen


    What is wrong with Holding on to their cell phone. It is pretty normal in a world where we havent created actual tribal structures with the people we vibe with, to at least be in contact all day like That. Or it is coping mechanism like a distraction in Order to avoid feeling. Either way, I would focus on genuine connection instead of the behavior. If you dont get through in terms of communication to even get a sense of connection, connect on an emotional an energetical Level Even more like feel into their being. And than Mayen do nice thinks like little gestures like a cup of Hot chocolate while they are on the phone, so they see that they are Not judged and your willingness to connect is not conditional. When my daughter spends a lot of time on the tablet and doesnt naturally come to me for connection I come to her every hour Or so und cuddle her and just flood her with love and appreciation. Anyway she is still smaller, so this might not be the appropriate way of connecting for everyone.
  5. Litschichen

    Ancestral Patterns

    Yeah, I am German and I always felt like something is seriously wrong with me. It doesnt feel Great to answer somebody asking you where youre from like that. Like even That involves shame as if it was my fault.
  6. Litschichen

    Shadow Reasons

    Oh my god. That is exactly me. But this is so difficult to find resolution to that Kind of a pattern. I do not think its possible with shadow work alone. For me feels a lot like developmental trauma from disorganized attachment, because one the one hand you Need closeness and stability and safety from mommy, when actually she tries to get the same things from you. Having all this responsibility being the Head of the Family energetically it felt so overwhelming being close to mom who was so unsafe and codependent (to me). I dont quite get the whole picture yet. Like this is Not the typical Kind of Situation you will find in most families. I would love to get more insights into that, Maybe you guys could do an episode on that pattern. it is still quite confusing for me. There is also a lot of enmeshment involved for me it feels, but like in the other way round? It really felt like my mom was an extension of me. i would love you to expand on what that does with a child and how to resolve it.

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