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  1. The wow was on seeing those people in power (that are "dangerous") as a part of yourself. I found it very hard to embrace something as a part of your self that by doing so may cause you more harm, I've been struggeling with that one. So the understanding of how to do it without rejecting that part or hurting yourself was a click for me.
  2. By staying away from me emotionally when I'm sad/stressed cause they're scared of their own emotions, and how they might be effected.
  3. I was just feeling this dynamic so intensly yesterday. I feel I was getting too comfortable in an abusive and incompatible dynamic in my life, although i felt called to leave several times the past 6 months, when things cooled down I just denied it. But a situation that happened yesterday made me realize that I really need to leave that place if I want to be happy and move forward. Good points
  4. dan578

    Teal's Resistance

    I feel resistant cause there's an aspect that feels that I "have to integrate or else..." There's another aspect that feel that I have to act and take steps now to avoid the pain and the suffering that's about to come, and is very impatient with shadow work. Limitting beliefs about no matter what I manage to achieve, I'll still be unhappy, is putting a lot of pressure and makes me feel hopeless about life, thus, making choosing to focus on integration even harder.
  5. dan578


    Can I be in an overlay that things are worst than they actually are/gonna be? I feel pretty good with the steps I'm taking at this point. Because there's such a gaslight, I'm afraid I'm overreacting to a really bad scenario that isn't gonna happen from a place of a deep distrust in people in general...
  6. dan578

    Earth Day

    Happy Earth day! Maybe I'll plant something today
  7. dan578


    Unrelated question, how bad is that gonna get? Like should we run away before the use of physical force to do what they want to accomplish?
  8. dan578


    I've been watching way too much conspiracy today, good time to stop
  9. dan578


    My ability to not conform and find ways where other people usually can't
  10. I feel like I'm doing everything to avoid what I actually feel right now, and trying to make decisions on an impulse without allowing myself to see what's actually in my best interests. Will defently try this exercise, hope I can get to a space for that. Thank you

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