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  1. Rynn Pin


    Thank you. I needed this. Well received
  2. Aaaaaaahhhh (sound of a warm receiving) thank you for this sharing ! It's perfect timing. So refreshing, so warming, so sweet, so much supportive Love you forever
  3. Rynn Pin

    School Memory

    Waow ! how powerful this jewel... Very strong indeed ! I could see a beautiful queen amazone type wear it.
  4. Rynn Pin

    Miami 2021 - 2/2

    Oh my god, that was powerful.... I chose to live because I love you all so much (you are me) and I can't abandon you/myself. Miami I love you for all the love you gave to Teal, for your commitment. Radical self-love rising
  5. Rynn Pin

    Water Themed Room

    WAAAAWWW SOOO BEAUTIFUL !! my god ! I hope he'll be as amazed as I am ! Really the colors are so vivid and bright and just like in the most beautiful water ! WAOW ! You WAVE !
  6. Rynn Pin

    Raven Meditation

    So wonderful to hear that you had a Great Time with your tribers Looking forward to see this workshop replay and enjoy your jokes ! Love you so much and thank you for this meditation : I do need clarity and signs for my next step
  7. Rynn Pin

    Useless Talent

    "My heart has become a tea room. From the cup, the trails of steam wander up those winding, vapored paths. I sip the silhouettes of them... no longer craving the taste of straight lines. I know now that life is never like that. I am waiting for a knock at the door. My heart used to be a citadelle. All manner of things broke and bled themselves against the limestone and palisades, trying to get in until the day that I felt the worthlessness of the fever of safety. Teal Swan" I love the other side. I love it up side down. The taste of it makes my horizon widen and my feelings richer. May the fever find its upside.
  8. hahaha !!! Challenging ! I love it Thank you for your support !
  9. Rynn Pin

    Second Chances

    Thank you so much for this
  10. Rynn Pin


    I'm back in my birth town as well... ! And it's been very intense the first days where I was just floaded by my old me and her/my wounds, but this time I was able to welcome them, embrace them, hold them in my arms, in my heart knowing what to do with it... feeling all the pain again... this unheard, misunderstood pain... and bringing the new me, the new perspectives, knowledge, healing. Thanks to you, immensely. I love knowing this new fact you're sharing with us, as always ! It is definetly a new chapter for me too : and I feel blessed taking all of me on it ... Love you dearly
  11. Rynn Pin

    The Inauthentic King

    Thank you so much for that. I wish we could have the full true stories of our human history.
  12. Rynn Pin

    High Speed Train

    Yeasss I miss trains in america !
  13. Rynn Pin

    Confused Genetics

    Love you Gracie
  14. Rynn Pin

    360 Degree Mirror

    SOOOOOOO crucial.... I couldn't live without this understanding. It is so genius and exciting ! and terrifying !
  15. Rynn Pin


    Food is porn

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