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  1. Camille Pi


    Heyyyyy beautiful!!!! Congratulations Blake
  2. Camille Pi


    Thank you for the support, I needed it.
  3. Thank you Teal for this tip : I'll be paying special attention to it. And all my love and support, I'll pray for you today... Thank you for your everyday presence and support, your work is priceless (not in terms of money, but in terms of Abundance) and divine : I Love you for that with all my bodies.
  4. Camille Pi

    Teal and Lauren

    Pure authentic moment that warm hearts Thank you for sharing Love
  5. I don't have any routine yet. So you won't get any good idea here ! I'm a newborn learning about being gentle, caring for myself. It brings me to go to sleep with the sun and wake up with him too. I love that. I'm still doing what I've always been doing since my 14th on my mornings : have a coffee with a cigarette. I couldn't start a day without this 2 : starting a new day has always been a pain in the heart : another day to be ruled, to have to, to take on etc... Now I love it : the taste of coffee (italian style of course ;-)) and the smell of tobacco, my dear old friend.
  6. Standing up for the truth and saying out loud when something is wrong. Bringing some peace, some balm to hearts and emotion through my strong loving and protecting energy My passion around human conscious and trying to get to the core of all things Seeing the beauty of all things, even when it may look horrible for other, I see the diamond
  7. Camille Pi

    Why You Get Triggered

    I used to be triggered all the time : seeing injustice towards a child or anyone who was armless, seeing malevelant behaviours, seeing poverty or madness lost in the urban modern jungle, ... triggered by my own attitude of not being able to have fun and just feel free to express myself "like everybody else", not being able to have sex without crying. Me being alive was a trigger!
  8. Camille Pi

    Shadow Of Deflection

    Waoww Just like an arrow going straight to the point. Beautiful expression And thank you Precious, for the reminder
  9. I love the relief sigh that comes when Truth is finally discovered... Home feeling
  10. Camille Pi


    AHO ! This potlatch ceremony fills and relieves my heart as if I was getting closer to HOME. Beautiful assignement day Thank you Love
  11. Camille Pi


    I do regret not having done dance classes, contemporary dance, physical expression, circus : I dream to do everything with my body. This being said, my voice being part of my body and loving to sing I'd love to learn how to manage my voice.
  12. Camille Pi


    Beau. Magnifique.
  13. I have an advantage here : I was born in May so I can't help seeing the beauty of this planet, the beauty of humanity. I haven't and never will escape this earth but by physical death.
  14. Camille Pi


    I have normalized "not being happy, not even being" meaning that it is very, very difficult for me to even listen to myself. Cause I would need to consider myself for that. So even if I'm in contact with my desires, it will be very hard to respect them, to embody them. I still haven't been able to achieve any of my dreams yet, for this reason. I'm not worth it as I do not exist as a individual, as a person. My mother was a housewife and hell unhappy. And because all her education was about "having to" (achieve a good social rank by doing either Law school or Medecine school, be a housewi
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