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  1. Kalimaa888

    The Most Difficult

    The hardest part of this has to be knowing that many of us will have our survival jeopardized and many of us are already unemployed therefore many of us will starve or feel like we are powerless to the situations we find ourselves in. I might not be able to move away from my abuser because I haven’t had any opportunities yet and it feels like this will make it even harder for me to actualize the life I really want and deserve + healing is unfortunately futile (even though I hate to admit it) when you are still living with your abuser. I do not see how this will make life easier but like you s
  2. I have actually been thinking about this particular question a lot, ever since this whole crisis began. This crisis has really radicalized me in terms of politics but from what I’ve learned and seen; many of those who find themselves in the position where they want something better are almost ALWAYS resistant to the current systems in place. Therefore I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to advocate for myself and those around me without putting myself/us in a powerless position and/or in resistance.
  3. Also I’m glad you brought up the Black Panther Party, I love them so much !!!
  4. I currently have Renewal and Out of Body Activation Grid painting as my phone’s wallpapers!! ~
  5. Kalimaa888

    Short Term Thinking

    I would recommend you guys to do a Future-Self meditation !!
  6. Kalimaa888

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    One of my favorite workshops I have ever watch!! So grateful for you and your team, you guys are genuinely doing amazing things for humans our relationships with each other/ourselves and our consciousness!
  7. I bought a bag of chocolate dove hearts and gave it out to everyone I appreciated!
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