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  1. I read your post on asymmetrical, and I say symmetrical is iirrelevant ,and if you were naked standing before and I noticed that your breasts were "asymmetrical", then I would be the to be embarrased. Your inner and outer beauty would most definitely out shine any minor defect in your appearance.


  2. Fifi

    I don't like wearing bras anyway (much nicer not wearing them), but I'll try doing those massages thank you! Kinda just kinda like, eh, it's not a huge deal but if I was naked in front of someone now maybe I'd be a bit insecure
  3. Okay, so does anyone have asymmetric breasts? Like, sometimes it's okay and it doesn't bother me, but other times it makes me feel so uh, well, ugly. Like, I am blessed to have boobs and healthy ones at that. That I can appreciate! Just sometimes, dear gosh it's uncomfortable. Shouldn't be, but I mean, we are conditioned to think they should look pretty immaculate. Does anyone know any natural remedies? Or, how to just accept ya self?
  4. Fifi

    I'm from Cardiff! Moving to Bath soon though
  5. Fifi

    Today I'm grateful for: 1. The realisation that I love myself more. Usually when I do exams I bleed myself dry, further my mental anguish by forcing myself to do so much and not giving myself credit for it. I can't do that any more; I will do all the work I need, but it will flow and does not have to be painful. I am not distinct from any of the knowledge. All I need to know will come to me when I need it because it is not separate from me. I don't want to bring myself pain when life has such beauty. 2. Again, loving myself when others aren't giving me the love I desire and deserve. That's okay, it's not their job. It just shows me where I need to love myself more. 3. The fact that I can lose weight in a healthy way. I can EAT and lose weight. I may not look how I want to, but at least I am willing the healthy and beautiful means to get there. Many blessings to all you divine souls
  6. Fifi

    I'm really grateful there's a place for everyone, who has a similar intention, to all connect. How beautiful.