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  1. Lila

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    that dude made me cry & smile at the same time - how sweet was that session - thank you! sending so much love to that inner child of yours
  2. hi there, will this workshop be online to rewatch ? I had such bad connection where I am at right now, so it was constantly interrupted & I am curious if Teal answered my question ? LOVE you guys!
  3. what workshop was this ? is there a possibility that there will take place another one like that ?
  4. Lila

    Selectively Identified

    thank you Teal, for being who you are! ? I'm so glad I found you! to me nobody explains these things more clearly than you do - ??
  5. ...I felt you so deeply last night ~ I dreamt of me drawing a LittleWing & this morning I knew there is a message on its way ~ this post is absolutely mindblowing, as if you wanted to make sure it reaches every single one of our hearts - THANK YOU, TEAL! ~ONE?~
  6. ...this is so beautiful Thank you Teal for all the inspirations!!! ~LOVE ?~
  7. Coucou, salut toi! I looove reading your blog when I can't sleep -which happens a lot lately. This one I like especially because I suffered so much in school due to boredom at first, shifting into stress of pressure until I consequently became schoolphobic. Being told several times I was smart enough to accomplish whatever I want wouldn't help on the contrary. Every now & then I get strange thoughts in my mind, I wonder who placed them there, ideas of me going back as a teacher to make drastic changes of the system but there's still shadows for me to face from that for me so horrible time of failure & shame. I can totally feel the conception of Arno Stern & his approach of learning & experiencing life through art. We came here to create, right ? ...there's so much more to explore in the interior, at the core which es been undiscovered for many livestimes. Let's strip our souls, strive for awakening & believe the best times are yet to come. Thank you so much for your work, your love & compassion! you feel me & that means a lot to me. I also have roots in Nice, now I'm going to search a post about it ;-)) ~warmhugs~
  8. I can so feel you reading this. I had similar emotions, especially this week & today. But I am very happy seeing you tomorrow ~ sending lots of LOVE to you!
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