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  1. Jem

    School Memory

    Oh my God, I had gushers like that as well, and the adults in my life always bit my head of for it like it was totally under my control.
  2. Jem

    Gaslighting The Human Race

    I have been feeling really weird and upset lately, like I literally cried four times yesterday for no reason lol. I didn't think I was being gaslit in any way, but i guess I am.
  3. Jem


    When i'm disseminating information. I love the expression of wonder on people's faces when im making them aware of something they never knew about before.
  4. Jem


    Everyone: "The world has lost its mind" Me: " we weren't fucked up before?"
  5. Jem


    The fact that i'm aimlessly floating through life. Like am I doing here? Lol
  6. Jem


    You should get to know yourself, you'd like you.
  7. Jem


    I'd retire my mother.
  8. Jem


  9. Jem


    Right now I'm approaching a point in my life where I'm willing to sacrifice short term thrills, and keep my eye on the prize. Actually, my willingness to do this has been revived lol, many ppl who know me now would not believe that there was a time where I was very focused and self-motivated. I'm happy to be getting back into that energy, i didn't realize how much i missed it .
  10. Jem


    I need to let go of this one myself Suzanne lol
  11. Jem


    My unwavering qualities arree: Active imagination Love of laughter Love for a great story Whimsy Empathy Pensive Curiosity Oddness (this one hurts sometimes lol) Strong desire for justice/peace
  12. Jem


    I guess mine is to feel capable. Im not sure why that's hidden yet.
  13. Jem


    The mental/emotional freedom needed to peruse my interests.
  14. Jem


    I'm good at seeing the beauty in people, and appreciating them for who they are.
  15. Jem


    Making things as fair as possible, and improving as many people's quality of life as I can!
  16. Jem


    My family, and a brand new opportunity that I walked into yesterday!
  17. Jem


    I feel the best about myself when I know what i'm doing/talking about. I feel powerful when I can convey information/concepts/thoughts confidently , effectively, and beautifully. When I'm performing a task, the thrill for me is in getting it "right." Even thinking about perfecting/mastering something makes me smile. I also love it when my ideas "work," or produce a desired result.
  18. Jem


    Myself. For EVERYTHING. Maybe that's art of my problem lol.
  19. Jem


    my grandmother, my job, my apartment; and while its not completely gone, my sense of security is on shaky ground.
  20. Jem


    I'm gonna solve the problem of housing, starting with myself!
  21. Jem


    That i'm inadequate in every way.
  22. Jem


    Right now im actually in the process of letting go of some pain as a testament of my love for my mental health lol. Im about to give y'all a good laugh cuz my little story is stupid as hell, but its the here we go. So, I developed quite an infatuation for this writer that I really like. I started out just admiring her work/skill, and before I knew it that admiration spilled over into a MAJOR crush on her. These kind of crushes are normal, but the state of delusion that i've dipped into recently is not normal or healthy at all. I saw some pictures of the writer with her girlfriend today , and I FLIPPED OUT. I was just drenched in jealousy, and can y'all believe that I actually felt betrayed as if this writer was my gf in real life?!?! I don't even know her! Lol. My little meltdown was a clear message to me that i've kinda gone off the deep end here, so now im workin on it.
  23. Jem


    Lol funny enough, I'm leaving my house today for something besides work for once...and its to go to an ART FESTIVAL!!!!!!!.
  24. Jem


    My homework
  25. Jem


    I'd wish for global post-scarcity.

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